Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mummy's entry - She remembers

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When it's bed time and I'm trying to get the girl to go to sleep, I will pretend that I'm sleeping. Lately, this girl has been pointing to my face and go "nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrow, forehead, ears, cheek, chin,etc" while pointing to the respective parts.

I didn't think too much about this until I realised that when she was much younger and not talking then, I used to do this too to her while getting her to sleep at nights. I will go "this is your hair, this is your head, this is your forehead, this is your eyebrow and so on". It's been a while since I've done this and when I realised this, I was praising her that she actually remembers me doing this to her and did it again at her while she was smiling.

I also realized now that I do not talk to her as much as I used to when she was a baby because this girl can talk so much now and love asking me questions. At least I'm still singing to her but it is irritating when the girl interrupts and say "no, no, like this"...and she goes on singing herself or she ask me to sing a song she likes instead. I'm just thinking how fast these new phases come up and I sure do miss my baby. The only time I get to go back to those days is when she's sleeping! LOL.

And since we're on the topic of her remembering stuff, she just told her papa "I got so many toys, Mummy didn't buy me toy" (indicating that I didn't buy her a toy from my Bangkok trip!). What do I do with this girl?!

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KittyCat said...

LOL I should remember to post stuff like this too, when Mummy's mistakes are loudly & repeatedly highlighted!