Sunday, March 30, 2008


More on my speech (before we all forget over here):-

Giving excuses...

Mummy: Rye Li big girl already, Rye Li can go make your own milk now.
Rye Li: After (wards) my baju (malay: clothes) all wet how?

When I'm feeling generous...

"After (wards) I finish watch my Barney, I watch Mummy('s) show ok?"

"Mummy/Papa, you want?"

Being Commanding

"Mummy switch on the light, so dark ady (already)"

"Help me open, I cannot open"

Rye Li: Mummy, I want (to) go Giant, shoping-shoping.
Mummy: It's late Rye Li, we will go another day ok?
Rye Li: *sulking and whining* I want!
Mummy: Ok, Mummy give you my car keys, you go and drive yourself there ok?
Rye Li: I cannot drive-la
Mummy: Ok, then you drive your own car (indicating her toy car).
Rye Li: Cannot!
Mummy: It's so late at night, all the people at Giant also go home already to oi-oi (sleep).
Rye Li: Mmmm (indicating ok)

Being Lovey-Dovey

Rye Li: I love you mummy
Mummy: I love you Rye Li
Mummy: How much?
Rye Li: Soooo much!
Mummy: You love papa or not?
Rye Li: I love papa, I love mummy
Mummy: How much?
Rye Li: Sooo much!

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