Friday, April 04, 2008

More on conversations and stuff

I’ve been getting smarter these days in telling Mummy or Papa what I want. Sometimes, I get away with it, at times I don’t. So I don’t really mind testing my limits all the time.

As you know, I like to dilly-dally most of the times and this gets on Mummy’s nerves a lot. Lately, she has been bribing me with sweets to get out of the house in time in the mornings and also to walk to the car. I used to show my temper when she wakes me up in the mornings to go to Aunty Ng’s and by this, she will scold me and I won’t give in. So, in the end, she will be carrying me all the way to the car while I protest.

For the past one month, I guess she got smarter and know what I will ‘worked’ for and she told me if I listen to her, I will get 2 sweets before we leave the house. I’m fine with this and it works out well for her too.

Several mornings ago, I was in one of those moods again and dilly-dallied while Mummy was rushing me to get ready to leave the house. She was nagging and nagging and I didn’t really give into her although she threatened me by not want to give me sweets. In the end, she managed to get me ready and I tried my luck for getting my daily sweets. And she said, since I was so naughty and didn’t listen to her, she will only give me one sweet. I accepted.

The next morning, she used this as an example and said if I don’t listen to her, I will only get 1 or none at all. And so I listened to her and got my 2 sweets while she praised me. And she is reminding me this every morning.


On another note, I am always told that I have money in the bank so I’m aware that I do have a lot of money in my bank. Usually, when you ask me what I want to buy with my money, I will say:-

Buy mee, chicken and veggie. Cook for Mummy and Papa

Last night, Mummy was telling me other things to buy for her. She went along saying when I’m a big girl already, I can take my money out from the bank and buy her a big house with swimming pool and a big car. I listened to her while nodding my head and then I added;

I buy toy for Mummy ok?”

Mummy was caught off guard and she went “So sweet of you girl to buy me a toy!”

Actually, this is what I have been telling papa to do when he goes on his business travels “I want Papa buy toy for me please


vien said...

LOL! You guys actually tell her she has money eh? That's good. All Belle knows is she has coins..and it's all in her piggy bank. LOL!

Anonymous said...

hello ...why u tellin her she has money, what if later she think she doesn't hav to work hard to earn a living, bec mum and dad says she already has lots of $$$$$....tsk tsk quote JT koko "U forget ah"...we hav living relatives who's waiting to inherit, rather than earn their own $$$ !!!!!!