Saturday, April 19, 2008

The cheeky sides of me

It's been a while that I've not had my pics up eh, well, the following are some of the cheeky shots Mummy managed to get off me lately...

i like posing for the camera when i get my clothes stuck at my head, usually before shower time

mummy wanted to throw this toy box away but i had fun with it before she did, i made it into my boat!

mummy was busy doing her stuff at the computer one weekend and so i entertained myself, as u can tell, i love balls!

and i'm still sucking my thumb! mummy has compiled alot of pics of me during our US trip last year of me sucking my thumb and i'm not letting her put these up just as yet!

when i'm in the mood, i will really do alot of poses for the camera....

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