Thursday, February 25, 2010

More on my conversations

Some conversations I had with mummy (and also my mei-mei)......

a) Scene 1 ....when I was drinking milk during bedtime

Rye Li: Nah mummy, I (have) finished my milk. *passed half finished bottle to mummy*

Mummy: No, there's still milk in the bottle

Rye Li: That's not milk, it's all bones from the milk

Mummy: Very funny, finish your milk now!

Rye Li: *Giggling*

b) Scene 2 ...when I was really grumpy having to wake up so early on a Monday morning for school

Rye Li: Why papa can sleep and I have to wake up

Mummy: Papa can work from home so he doesn't need to wake up early like you. Your school starts early

Rye Li: Why mei-mei also can sleep, (and) I cannot sleep?

Mummy: She will wake up soon when we leave for Aunty Ng's

Rye Li: Mummy, when you (were) 4 years old that time, you also have to wake up early for school ah?

Mummy: Yes

Rye Li: You cry also?
Mummy: Yes, like you la so grumpy in the mornings and grandma has to scold me.


c) Scene 3...when mummy was angry at me and I noticed she was smiling at mei-mei and not at me

Rye Li: Why you love mei-mei (and) you don't love me?

Mummy: Did I say that?

Rye Li: *Nodded her head*

Mummy: When? When did I say that?

Rye Li: Why you smile(d) at her (and) you don't (didn't) smile at me?

Mummy: How to smile at you when I'm angry at you? I'm angry at you because you were naughty, you didn't listen to mummy. Rye Li, I will always love you whether you're naughty or not. When mummy doesn't smile or talk to you does not mean mummy do not love you. Mummy will always love you. You understand?

Rye Li: *Nodded her head*


d) Scene 4...when mei-mei was showing her temper at me

Rye Li: You see, you didn't sleep properly, now you grumpy-grumpy

Haye Li: *whining and kicking*

Rye Li: Cher-cher ask you to sleep, you don't want to listen, now you grumpy-grumpy

Haye Li: *still whining and kicking*

Monday, February 22, 2010

Learning how to read

I've been learning phonics at Aunty Ng's and now that I have started school, it comes in real handy. This is what I was being taught at school and I had to bring it home as homework for reading.

[Mummy's note: it has not been easy doing her school's reading at home as it definitely takes a whole lot of patience. we have a tougher time with her bahasa when we need to do her sukukata. i don't remember learning how to read in kindergarten my time other than abc's. i only remember learning how to do the sukukata when i was in standard one. so i do feel sorry when she has a tougher time with her sukukata compared to her english phonics as it is confusing to learn both reading at the same time. when i get impatient with her, i had to remind myself that she's only 4 years old]

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Year of the Tiger

It's approaching the year of the tiger and see what papa got me from his trip to Singapore....

It's a travel luggage for me
It can also function like this - so when we travel, it's either I ride on it, or papa can pull me along on it.

As for now, we're playing with it at home. Will come in handy for our HK trip next month. My mei-mei also loves it!

I would like to wish all of you a happy roaring Chinese New Year and happy holidays too! May the year of the tiger bring a roaring success to all of you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Learning how to add

Last year, I was taught at Aunty Ng's on how to do additions. Mummy wasn't aware about the method taught till several months back when she caught me doing my math and she laughed at me! Hmmmph! I don't like it when she laughs at me and she justified it by saying that it's so cute. Huh? How can one be cute adding numbers? I'll let you see for yourself and you tell me if it's cute or not ya?

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mummy's entry - Bloggers Meet

This is the first time ever we attended a blogger’s meet where there were 6 mummies and 11 kids in total. The purpose was to meet up Vien who is back here from the states with her 2 girls. Thanks to Annie, she helped arranged the meet up.

It is my first time meeting
Annie, Barbara and Sasha and my second time meeting Vien. The other mum is Twin and I know her personally as her kids go to the same day-care as mine. I only knew that she was a blogger when Rye Li was like nearly a year old and that also I came across her kids’ names on the blogs I frequently read.

Anyhow, these are the happening mamas on blogosphere and I have been following them for quite some time and hence, it was an honour to finally meet up with them and their adorable, infamous kids (yes, our kids are more famous than their mamas).

We met up last weekend and as much as I would have loved to chat more with them, it was nearly impossible as we had to attend to our kids too. So whatever little time we had, we quickly ate and chatted whatever we could in that 2-3 hours meet. All of us agreed for sure that the next time we meet, we will leave the kids behind! Lol!

Here are some of the impossible pictures that I took. It is so tough to take nice pictures of the kids and sadly, I missed out on some of the infamous kids too.

Rye Li (tiara was borrowed from Denisha) with Ashley, Denisha and Darien

this cute boy is Cruz (a pity I didn't manage to take his twin brother, Fearles)

this is Cassie and at the back is her sister, Belle

These are the group shots we managed to take from Annie's camera (minus the 2 babies which is Haye Li and Justin - they were asleep then). You can see their pictures at Haye Li's blog which I managed to take just before they had their nap.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Conversation of the day!

Rye Li: You beat me, I beat you back

Mummy: You cannot beat people!

Rye Li: Why you can beat me?

Mummy: I am your mummy; I can beat you when you’re naughty. I beat you because you’re naughty. Next time when you are much older and when you become a mummy, you can beat your children when they are naughty.

Rye Li: I want to have so many children!

Mummy: *Laughing* Yea, we shall see about that!

Rye Li: I don’t want a husband; I only want to be a mummy.

Mummy: Cannot! You must have a husband to be a mummy. You cannot be a mummy alone by yourself.

Rye Li: No way! Choi!

[I sound so much like mummy these days!]

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mummy's entry - Little Ms. Bossy!

My Rye Li is also a little Ms. Bossy. I am aware of this with her behaviour in our household and also when she is with her cousins.

The last 1 month, I have been taking her and 3 of her friends (one boy and 2 girls) from the day-care to school every weekday morning. And boy, having four 4 year olds in the car is no easy task. During the first week of school, I saw Rye Li’s true colour and this is probably how she behaves at the day-care all this while too. She is not happy that her friends got to sit in her car. Since her place in our car has always been at the front, next to me, she kept asking me “why my friends no need car seats?” and “I want to sit behind too”, etc. Of course, I didn’t bother giving in to her and her face, was black throughout the short journey to school.

All of them knows Mammamia soundtrack and hence, the 4 kids would be singing throughout the journey as well. The first day, Rye Li joined in. After that, till now, she refused to let me play the soundtrack and I know it’s because her friends know how to sing the songs. Rye Li likes to show off that she knows a lot of things so in this case, she cannot. I didn’t give in to her that first week and let her friends enjoy the soundtrack for the first 3 weeks till I myself got fed up and now they are listening to my radio. :D

There is one girl who is also very strong in character (I believe stronger than Rye Li’s) while the other girl and boy are softer in nature and will usually give in to Rye Li and this other girl. Everyday, for sure Rye Li and this girl will get into an argument and I had to threaten these 2 to stop fighting or else I will leave them 2 by the roadside to apologize to each other. They have been quoting this ever since when I warned them each time to stop fighting. LOL!

When I asked Rye Li why must she always fight with her, she will say “XX always like to do (bully) me, so I fight with her la”. I’m also guessing Aunty Ng (their caretaker at the day-care) has a role here as she always threaten each of them when they do not want to finish their medicine or food at the day-care, that she will give it to either one of them. By the way, this is also the girl Rye Li slapped before when Rye Li was only 2 and a half years old!.

There was one time in the car, Rye Li was sulking big time for something she didn’t get her way with and I told her off. XX (who also speaks quite well, the best of them all), upon hearing me telling Rye Li off said “Rye Li, you cannot have it your way the whole day, you must take turns” and Rye Li immediately rebutted “XX! This is my car okay and I can have it the whole day!

These 2 strong-headed girls also fight with each other to get the attention of the other 2 kids. One will show off with one thing and the other will rebut with another thing. When I chose to ignore, the arguments can get quite bad and I just have to shut them off by telling them not to fight and warning them. Sigh!

I didn’t want to make it seem to Rye Li that I’m siding with her friends all the time so when her friends do some wrongs in my car, I will tell them off nicely. XX will get the most, as she loves pushing the other kids one side, to get out of the car first or bully the other kids when they don’t listen to her. The very first time I told her off for this, she was surprised and showed her black face and I made her wait while the others get off first. The next day and after that, she will let them out first and told me “Aunty, I let ZZ out first” as if getting my approval means something to her (all kids are the same, they all want the needed attention and recognition). And just to add, whenever I scold XX off, Rye Li will add “XX (is) always so naughty!” and the other girl, the soft-natured one will add on “Ya, XX (is) always so naughty!” The only boy is always to himself or singing if Mammamia soundtrack is on. I’m guessing he is so used to the girls fighting. LOL!

There are times Rye Li will tell me “I don’t want my friends to sit in my car” or “I don’t want XX to sit in my car”. I have to explained to her why I am sending them as well since I need to drop off her mei-mei to the daycare, her friends are just following us to school as their parents cannot send them. Anyway, this is just until end of February as March onwards, her school will start at 8am and the other kids’ parents will be able to drop them off to school then.

This week again, Rye Li got jealous when I was talking to her friends and told me “I don’t want you to talk to my friends” or when I happened to answer one of them “yes, my dear” when they were calling me to tell me something, Rye Li went “Why you said ‘my dear’?, ZZ is not your daughter okay!

I bet you that once I have stopped sending her friends to school, this girl will miss her friends in our car.