Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Chinese New Year 2007 - Part 1

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It started out at Mummy's Grandma's house...I had fun playing, eating and playing...I got to see some fire crackers and I was not scared of it. In fact, my curiosity got the better of me that I wanted to go nearer and see what all the lights and sounds were about but Mummy didn't let me. Only thing that I was terrified of is Pheobe, Mummy's Grandma's dog...I jumped and screamed every time it comes near me. I now look at "woh woh" at a different way, something that terrifies me alot!

The next day, 1st day of CNY, we went to pick Ah Mai (Papa's sister) up from the airport and we were off to Cameron Highlands...the journey was a long one for me. The traffic was alright till we got into Camerons itself. I did get restless along the way and after a few attempts by Mummy in entertaining me with my toys and books (she brought along a bagful of them), she gave up and gave me my snacks. That got me quiet for some time till I had enough of snacks.

Tired from the long journey

When we finally reached our destination, Ah Kong, Ah Por (Paternal's granparents) and Peh Deh (Papa's brother) were there to greet us. Ah Mai unpacked and showed us what she got for me, yes, more clothes, very pretty ones and also the dog strap she got me. And I was forced to model the dog strap for them...

The next day, after collecting my ang pows (red packets filled with money), we went visiting. First to Mummy's uncle's Kopitiam (Chinese coffee shop) to see their newly opened shop and also we had lunch there. After that, we went to Ah Kong's family friend's home which took us 2 hours to get there (yes, it was only 2 towns away and all of us swore never ever to go to Camerons during CNY again). We hung out there for a bit till we got bored (well, us kids...meaning Papa, Mummy, Ah Mai and Peh Deh) and Ah Kong's family friend's second son took us to their flower farm (geberas) with his two children. We hung out at the flower farm for a bit as it was raining.

We spent the rest of the evening till late at the family friend's place....

We left for Penang the next day after saying our goodbyes to the family friends. The traffic was very bad. We all were too tired from the journey that we stayed at home (at Ah Kong's place) that evening.

Trying out Ah Mai's sun glasses on the way to Penang

We visited Aunty Jo and her son, KR kor kor the next day...and later we all spent some time shopping at the new mall in Penang.

The next day, we went visiting to Ah Kong's between, Papa took us to check out the new Rasa Sayang hotel by the beach. The place was huge and I walked alot!

We left for KL the next afternoon and the traffic was very good. Papa was tired so Mummy decided to drive us back....I was so tired that I slept for 2 and half hours of the journey.

Below is the outcome for my CNY trip....

I fell down twice that day before we left for KL. The first one, I slipped and my face hit the wooden rice bucket at Ah Kong's place and as a result, I got the red line just above my right eye and the bridge of my nose. And then, a few hours later, I fell again and my face hit the chair. Noticed the slight bruise and bump at the left side of my left eye?! So mean of Mummy to take my picture like this, people would think that I've been abused eh?!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryeli,

It was so good to see you! I enjoyed every single moment playing with you although you can be naughty at times ;). But that's just part of being a kid and you can still get away with it!

You are such a trooper - you travelled very well, you mommy just know the tricks to get you to behave :).

Ah Mai

Vien said...

She is super adorable! I notice her carseat is very padded. Isn't it a bit too padded for M'sia's hot weather? We brought our carseat back last time and Belle refused to sit on it 'cos everytime she was on it, she sweated like a pig.

ryeli said...

Ah Mai - I had fun with you too... miss playing with you though. see you in July yea?!

Vien - So far so good, it's from the States too, we paid super high for it (didn't know that it's so much cheaper there, hubby and I felt the pinch when we came back from the store and checked it out online).

It's a 3-in-1, acts as a bassinet to a booster and allows up to 45kgs. Luckily, the aircond in the car is powerful, rye li sweats like a dog too! :D

Lucas said...

Ryeli - you're looking cuter by the day! I see that you've got the leash already, which Mum is DEFINITELY getting once I take my big steps ;-)

P/s Your mummy hasn't done her homework yet!!!

ryeli said...

Lucas - Boo hoo, u will also be in the loop eh?! No fun, hopefully your mum can get a fashionable one at least.

Yes, my mummy is owing ur mummy something...wait ah, hehe... i can see your mom didn't tag the latest meme to my mom.

mommy of two angels said...

she looks so cute...and the last abused picture (hehehe)...she look so tired from all the travelling. wah really travel up mountain and then down to the sea!

ryeli said...

mommy of two angels - yeah, didn't realise too. nice way of putting it.