Friday, March 23, 2007

Mummy’s entry – “Po po”

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From her “pa pa” episode, she is now saying “Po po” (Chinese for carry) all the time. Once at home, I can’t put her down as she wants to be carried. And when I’ve managed to put her down she will go “Po po”. I have to keep on distracting her with things. And whenever I step into the kitchen, an area that she is forbidden to enter without us carrying her, she will go “Po po” from the gate and will make a fuss if I don’t carry her.

Even at nights when it is time to sleep, something she can do on her own after drinking her milk, it has been kind of a nightmare for me this past week as she will get up on her own from her cot and say “Po po”. And the same too when she wakes up in the middle of the night for her milk. I managed to convince her to lie down and I’ll pat her back to sleep. Thankfully, she will settle for this.

She has been extra clingy since the weekend and I thought perhaps, it has got to do with her Papa being away. But I also learnt that there’s a new baby girl (she is now no longer the youngest girl) at the nursery and her babysitter (Aunty Ng) said she has been jealous when she carries the baby. In fact, just a couple of weeks back when I was carrying my cousin’s baby, Rye Li was making a fuss and wanted me to carry her instead. Her Papa tested her after that too but she wasn’t bothered when he carried the baby. Hmmm…I have to start training her in accepting me to carry other people’s babies if I plan to have a second one.

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