Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Security, Sling!

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Eversince our Bangkok trip last December, I have taken more than a liking for my sling. It has become a comfort object for me. One day, while everyone was so busy doing their own things at home, I noticed the sling was in my bag. I managed to pull it out and sprawled it out on the floor, lay on it and sucked my thumb. Ah Por saw me first in this state and told Papa about it. The rest is history...

I will grab part of it with my hand and suck my thumb while the other hand will just hold on to it and I will rub my fingers against the cloth...this soothes me and most of the time, it will soothe me to sleep.

Mummy has used this to her advantage... She'll use this to keep me quiet when I get cranky in the car or to put me to sleep when I refuse to fall asleep myself for my afternoon naps. She told Papa that this is the best investment so far as she can't leave home without it now (she's so used to it for carrying me around that when she carries me without the sling, she'll say that I'm getting heavier... I'll say that she's not strong enough and she should be thanking me for giving her that added muscles in her arms!).


Vien said...

It's great that Ryeli found her security "blankie". I wish Belle has one..but nope, this girl prefers human skin.

mommy of two angels said...

she is so cute...reminds me of "charlie brown" in the snoopy cartoon strip.

ryeli said...

vien - your Belle is smart, human touch is better anytime

mommy of two angels - oh yea, i forgot about that character. and oh no, i hope she will outgrow this coz i cannot imagine her going to school like that!