Friday, March 09, 2007

My Chinese New Year 2007 - Part 2

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Since Ah Mai was still around, she followed me to my music class and also attended the class with us that Saturday after we returned from our trip. Thanks to her, we had the following pictures. Mummy has been thinking of taking some pictures in class but Papa never wants to join in for the sessions (actually only one parent is allowed in class if it's a full class but Mummy noticed that even if it's a full class, some parents did not obey the rules so she asked Ah Mai to sit in that day).

Dancing to one of the tunes in class

This is the massage time in class, something I don't really like and usually will protest. Somehow, Ah Mai managed to get this shot!

The above picture was taken before class, we visited Aunty SW, Uncle A and their son, S. I was messing up their place with S' toys.

The above picture was taken after class that day, I love mirrors and I was playing around with this one at the department store

The next day, Ah Mai left to get back to LA. We decided to hang out at the airport for a bit and also for me to see the planes landing and taking off.

Bye Ah Mai... CNY has come and gone in a breeze....we shall see you again in July yea! And thank you so much for the lovely presents.


Vien said...

Ryeli lets you tie her hair and put clips too, huh? Sooo good. My Belle will take it off. Sigh!

ryeli said...

vien - i guess i got lucky. she used to take it off too but i kept on anyway telling her that she looks pretty, etc.