Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa

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Dear Papa,

Where did you go?! I’ve been asking Mummy this, well it’s more like “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” and she kept on saying that you went to work and also that you went to see Ah Mai too.

Bad as it is, I always say this even when you’re around since it has been my favourite word ever since the “dada and wawa” episode and now that you’re not here, it is getting on Mummy’s nerves.

That day when she picked me up from Aunty Ng’s, in the car on the way home, I went “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” and this happened a few more times after that till we reached home. That night when it was time for bed, I asked Mummy this again.

Yesterday morning, when I got up real early so Mummy took me over to her bed and I went “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” again.

Throughout the day, same thing and then over at Ai Yee’s, when Mummy was trying to put me to sleep and I was half drifting away to slumber land, her phone rang and I took my thumb out from my mouth and went “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa”. I couldn’t fall asleep again after that so Mummy put me in the sling and walked me around hoping that I would fall asleep. Well, before I actually dozed off, I looked up at Mummy and went “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa”.

On the way back from Ai Yee’s, same thing and even when I was in bed last night, same thing.

This morning when I got up, from my cot, I asked Mummy “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” and she asked me back “Where’s Papa?” And I pointed to your side of the bed and went “deh!”.

And I heard some noises outside our room and I went “pap pa” but it’s not you, it was Kakak. Mummy took her over from Ai Yee's to our place last night.

Just now, on the way to music class, I asked again in the car “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa”

It was nice seeing you on the computer just now…I actually said “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” but you couldn’t hear me. Sorry ya if you think I was more occupied in the plastic wire that was linked to the microphone, I can’t help it, it looks really intriguing to me.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is please ignore Mummy’s apprehensive attitude when you told her you got me 3 pairs of shoes and that Ah Mai got me more clothes. I welcome them anytime (please don’t tell Mummy this).

Please come back in one piece yea and hurry ya…don’t know how long Mummy can tolerate my “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” anymore. By the way, Mummy managed to make me poo in the toilet bowl today for the first time but it was only one very tiny poo and after that, I didn't want to sit on the bowl again. Mind you, Mummy had to take me 4 times to that bowl for this. She mentioned to Kakak that she's going to get me the potty soon.
Ok, I'll leave you to whatever you're doing and I'll continue to annoy Mummy. Take care Papa!

Rye Li
p.s. Remember you mentioned to Mummy the other day why she likes torturing me...well, she's doing it again. You come back and scold her for me yea!


papa said...

papa miss u both too. Thanks to technology. Papa is so happy to see u both today. worry, one of the thing papa enjoy is getting stuff for u and mommy. So there will be more to come...miss u much. luvluv...

KittyCat said...

Hey, you know what? Rye Li and Lucas share many similarities - he also went through the "Dada" and "yaiyai" episodes. After making me jealous with the "Dada", he's started with "Papa"!

Argh...after all the breastfeeding and clinging sessions too! Sigh, sigh, sigh

ryeli said...

papa - don't over do it ya! remember your debts! :D

kittycat - don't worry, when they don't feel well or when they want to be pampered, they will surely look for their moms! Only when they want to have fun, they will go look for their papas!