Friday, March 23, 2007

Progress Updates – towards 15 months

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Since CNY, I have learnt to speak more words…

“Ow” – out

“ais” – ice

“bor bor” – ball

“rai-rai”/ “raiee” – Rye Li

“ro-ro” – row as in “row, row, row your boat”, whenever Mummy sings this song, I will go “”

“po-po” – when I want to be carried

“ngo” – no, I will shake my head “no” when I do this and also move my hands from left to right

“whek” – wet

“uh o o” – Uh Oh

“merk“– milk, I will ask for this when I wake up in the middle of the nights

“dock” – dog

“ba ba” – bye

“tah tah” – thank you

“pom pom” – bathe

“ai”/”ah” – I, as in when you ask me who’s Rye Li and I will lift my hands up and say “ai”

“bok” – book

My weight as at 10th March 2007 is 8.7kgs and 71.5cm in height, still pretty tiny. And I’ve finally finished the third dose of that pnemo-thingy jabs….bad news is that I will still have to see my doctor when I hit 18 months for the next jab. Bummer!

And because I walk very steadily now, I’m the only baby at Aunty Ng’s that is allowed to come out from my cot and play with the other children. I like playing with the elder kids around me and I get really excited when I'm given this chance to get out from my cot. Also, recently, I am allowed to join them for the classes in the mornings where we learn stuff like learning new words , the ABCs and singing songs.

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