Monday, March 19, 2007

Going home from Aunty Ng's

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I was having fun playing with the other kids and toys at Aunty Ng's when I was picked up quickly by Aunty Ng as Mummy has come to pick me up. I sort of resisted and complaint and refused to be handed over to Mummy. Then Mummy said "Ok, you stay here with Aunty Ng and you oi oi (Chinese slang for sleep) with Aunty Ng tonight ok?!" and I replied "Em", my way of saying ok. And then Mummy went "Bye-Bye" and I responded with my hands bye-bye to her! And she looked at Aunty Ng and told her that I'm really serious with this.

So Aunty Ng took me into her kitchen and got me a pack of biscuits and brought me out to Mummy and told me that Mummy will open it for me. So I went to Mummy willingly.

All the way home, Mummy had to keep on giving the biscuits while she was driving, if not, I will be complaining to her where's my biscuits?!!! And I also said "Pap pa...papa...pah pa" in which Mummy replied that he is still at work and later on I asked again. Actually I was referring to my biscuits!


mommy of two angels said...

wah only follow mommy when she has food ah...heheh...ellisa (about same age as ryeli) will follow for sweeets!

ryeli said...

mommy of two angels - at the moment, i only give her biscuits or bread as snacks. don't think will start on sweets soon other than haw flakes as she gets enough sugar from her biscuits and also from her yoghurt. i think when she gets her taste from sweets, she will not want her biscuits anymore! :(