Friday, May 23, 2008

Mummy's entry - Kuantan

Our Kuantan trip was way much better than PD for sure! We stayed at Hyatt and actually tagged along since Hubby had to go there for work. We arrived on Sunday and since the next day was a public holiday, the place was really packed. Yes, hubby had to work that Sunday (just several hours with his big boss) and also the next day (his office at Kuantan don't recognize the public holiday and consider it as a working day).

The girl was very well behaved throughout our journey there which took us about 3 hours or so with stops in between. We left the house before 9am and the girl slept for 2 hours till we reached our destination.

the girl posing at the lobby while hubby was checking in - she was really excited seeing the pool and the beach

Since hubby had to meet one of his bosses for a couple of hours or so, I took the girl to the pool. I regretted not asking hubby to blow up her floats and ball as this was my first time blowing them up myself and being pregnant and all, it was a real huge task! A mental note to myself to get hubby to blow them up beforehand next time or to get a hand pump!

The girl was alright being with me alone although she wasn't happy when her papa had to go off. I told her that he will join us later, she kept wanting to play sand and I said when her papa comes. It was really hot - it was about 2pm by this time. I joined her initially in the baby pool but as it got hotter, I stayed under the shade while watching her and I was glad that she was alright by this.

I took a close up picture of her in her float as I wanted to compare to that of her when she was 5 months at the same place! But this was as close as I got:-

the girl at 5 months old at the same place

Her papa joined us later when he could and the girl was so excited to see him (she knows that she will have more fun with him than with me at the pool) and wanted to go to the beach immediately but we said later as it was really hot. So he hung out with her in the pool while I just watched. This pregnancy is making me really tired and non-participative in alot of things... I do feel sorry for the girl but I'm so glad that she was alright playing on her own that day and for the rest of the time we were there!

with Nicholas, the boy who started a conversation with hubby and he was really chatty - he has two elder sisters with a wide age gap and I guess he was just bored! nice boy he is

Later, we went to the beach to let the girl play in the sand. Didn't manage to take pictures at all here so no pics to show. The girl was not that enthusiastic about the sand like before. That night we had dinner at the hotel since I was too lazy to go out.

the girl all dressed up ready for dinner

That night, the girl slept well, in between us again but this time we had a king size bed and also I made sure she wasn't wearing the pajamas with the booties. She slept too well, waking up nearly at 10am! Usually, she's awake by 8am - guess she had too much fun the previous day. Since hubby had to work, it was just me and her and I had to wake her up since breakfast at the hotel would end at 10-30am. So off we went for our breakfast and I was glad that she sat still on the baby chair alone while I got up in between to take food from the buffet spread. I was feeling kind of queasy that morning and was worried that I need to vomit - my backup plan was to get the restaurant manager to look after the girl while I rushed off to the toilet but luckily, I didn't have to puke.

There were still alot of people and kids at the pool that morning (making full use till the check out at noon) and it was really hot as well. I wasn't in the mood to hang out by the pool in the hot sun so I managed to trick the girl into walking around the hotel. We stopped by the playground but it was too hot to play for long so we hung around the hotel's premises until I got tired and I told the girl that she can play in the room's bathtub and she agreed. I just wanted her to have her bath and then her nap so that she can have enough rest to play at the pool later in the evening. We didn't nap till like 2pm or so and got up nearly 4pm. Before this, she did ask for the pool and said it is not hot anymore (I've been giving her excuses that it is too hot to swim in the sun).

the girl at the playground

So off to the pool we went and I was so glad that the crowd has left. Again the girl was alright with swimming on her own in her float. By this time she has gained confidence with only using the ring float and hence, I didn't bother bringing along the arm floats. So this lazy mummy just watched her from the deck by the pool.

see how nice and empty the place is

Shortly after we were at the pool, hubby came back and he joined the girl. She was again so happy to see her papa. They only managed to play for a while as it started raining heavily! So poor girl had to wait by the side till the rain go away and luckily it did after half an hour or so.

the girl waiting for the rain to stop

And when the rain finally stopped, these two started to have their fun again...

let's water papa

payback time

We couldn't stay for long though as we had dinner at 7pm with hubby's colleagues at a local Chinese restaurant. We had seafood, it was nice but I couldn't really enjoy them as the fish and crab was just to fishy taste for me although I did eat some. At least the girl liked the crab - she started liking them since PD.

The next morning, the girl got up earlier than I did. We will be going home but had to wait for hubby to come back from work after noon so the girl and I made full use of the hotel while we can. Again, she behaved well at breakfast while I ate. She's got this habit of singing to entertain herself and I managed to get this video of her singing...

After breakfast, I took the girl to the playground again and this time we were lucky that the sun wasn't out, it was a cloudy morning. After like less than 5 minutes, the girl asked to swim and off we went to the pool. Again, we had the whole pool to ourselves.

This time round, the girl is more daring and didn't really rely on her float to go about the baby pool.

She also found a way to entertain herself with her toys.

What exactly is she doing? Well, I managed to get a video of this too and I was telling her what is the difference of taking the water from this side and pouring it out at the other side.

I managed to persuade the girl to go back to the room by 11 plus am, telling her that she can play in the bathtub for a while. By this time too the sun came out so it was good timing. We checked out at 1pm when hubby got back. We had lunch at KFC nearby before we headed back to KL.

the girl all tired by the time we left Kuantan - she only slept less like half an hour though as we stopped for petrol and she didn't want to sleep after that

I wanted to take pictures of the girl and us like the ones we got at Kuantan when she was 5 months old below to have a comparison. But we only hung out at the beach on the first day there. Oh well, will do that next time I guess and probably by that time with Baby 2 as well.

The girl loved Kuantan so much she asked us a few times when we got back "I want to go for holiday to Kuantan!". Anyhow, we will be off for another break soon as her daycare is closed for its annual shutdown 1st week of June. So we will be off to Camerons and then to Penang and I'm sure she will have her fun again. I just hope to get more sleep and no calls from office or clients! Yea, wishful thinking!


Mummy to QiQi said...

hyatt is the best hotel in kuantan. surely u all had fun!

vien said...

Boy, I almost forgot about having a tough time blowing up those inflatable toys during pregnancy. LOL!

She looks super chubby when she was 5 mth old. Geram lah! Looks like RyeLi's chub went to your hubby...hahaha..

Belle loves to entertain herself by singing too. I bet both she and Rye Li can out-sing everyone.

I love the pic of her holding on to the bolster. I can never get Belle to do that. Everytime I give her the bolster she would throw it away. *sigh*

KittyCat said...

Glad you had a nice holiday! Are you going to post pics of yourself? At least we get to see what Mummy looks like preggy...haha

Loved that comparison pic of her now and at 5 months old. She's got really cute cheeks!

I'm still trying to get Lucas to STOP, stand still and smile for the camera!!!