Sunday, October 14, 2007

LA - Day 2

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playing around the frontyard of Ah Mai's place

playing at the Ah Mai's garden just before we went out

We got up late today so by the time we left Ah Mai's house was after 1pm. Ah Mai took us to the beach, Manhattan Beach. But before we reached there, she took us to Krispy Kreme, something Mummy wanted to try after hearing about it from Belle's mummy. The donuts were really sweet, too sweet for mummy's liking but definitely tastes better than the ones at home (the ones at home taste like plastic). Even I don't like the ones at home and I nearly finished half of the donut here.

in the car

lining up to get our donuts

didn't like the hat papa put on me, so i took it off

At the beach....

posing in the stroller with Ah Mai and Mummy

looking at the pigeon on the pier

at the shower area, i actually washed my bum there with freezing water

papa taking me for a walk on the beach in the sand, i've been pestering them for this since i was told that we will be going to the beach from the plane

After the beach, we went further down to another pier to have early dinner. We had seafood and Mummy had the biggest crab she ever ate so far. She also had her first live shrimp sashimi which the body was still moving in her mouth. Something she won't have anymore, not while it is still moving anyway. I on the other hand, had some biscuits, rice and fries (i know not very healthy but i'm happy with this arrangement and like papa said, "i'm on holiday ah!").

walking along the pier after dinner

We went shopping for a little bit after that at Marshall's before heading home. We're off to Las Vegas next.


Vien said...

I heard the sashimi in LA is pretty good deal. Got your comment in my blog. Will play by ear then.

KittyCat said...

Ooh, I love Krispy Kreme too! Agree though they are rather sweet.

I'm putting Lucas on lots of "holidays" too e.g. in terms of food esp during our trip to KL. No choice, I guess.

Did you get a new stroller? I'm looking for a new buggy myself...

Enjoy yourself OK!

Shireen Loh said...

Aiyoh, sounds like fun!!! Enjoy your trip. Post more if got time ya..:)

p.s : i love Krispy Kreme too. I'm not a fan of donuts but if I love them, means they're fantastico..hahha..

wHOisBaBy said...

finally can leave you a msg but is a little too late now. vien told me u'll be in LA and I live in LA. thought wanted to meet up with you but u r probably on ur way to LV. Have fun there!

Peiseehw said...

ohhh, soo cute that little girl! Have a fun trip! Enjoy the holiday! Luv xxxxx

twin said...

wah so fun .. rye li must have enjoyed herself to bits. No wonder i dun see you guys lately!!!! enjoy ur holiday!!!

zara's mama said...

So you really really went! Wow wow.. and still there?

Nice scenary!

Btw, what is Amai? I heard this greeting mentioned many times in your blog.

KittyCat said...

Hope you're having a really good time on the next leg. We miss you a lot!

mommy of 2 angels said...

i want that big big wanna go crabbing lioa!

looks like a great & really fun trip...waiting for more stories