Sunday, October 14, 2007

LA - Day 2

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playing around the frontyard of Ah Mai's place

playing at the Ah Mai's garden just before we went out

We got up late today so by the time we left Ah Mai's house was after 1pm. Ah Mai took us to the beach, Manhattan Beach. But before we reached there, she took us to Krispy Kreme, something Mummy wanted to try after hearing about it from Belle's mummy. The donuts were really sweet, too sweet for mummy's liking but definitely tastes better than the ones at home (the ones at home taste like plastic). Even I don't like the ones at home and I nearly finished half of the donut here.

in the car

lining up to get our donuts

didn't like the hat papa put on me, so i took it off

At the beach....

posing in the stroller with Ah Mai and Mummy

looking at the pigeon on the pier

at the shower area, i actually washed my bum there with freezing water

papa taking me for a walk on the beach in the sand, i've been pestering them for this since i was told that we will be going to the beach from the plane

After the beach, we went further down to another pier to have early dinner. We had seafood and Mummy had the biggest crab she ever ate so far. She also had her first live shrimp sashimi which the body was still moving in her mouth. Something she won't have anymore, not while it is still moving anyway. I on the other hand, had some biscuits, rice and fries (i know not very healthy but i'm happy with this arrangement and like papa said, "i'm on holiday ah!").

walking along the pier after dinner

We went shopping for a little bit after that at Marshall's before heading home. We're off to Las Vegas next.

Mummy's entry - Arriving at LA - Day 1

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We’ve landed in LA LA land. :D

Overall on the plane ride, the girl was very good. We didn’t even have to walk her on the plane, something I thought we would be doing throughout the ride. We had been preparing her for this trip the last few weeks, telling her daily that we will be sitting on the plane soon to go visit her Ah Mai (her papa’s sister).

So when we’re finally off to the airport, she had a big grin as she knew that we’re going to sit on a plane soon.

Kids being kids, will find ways to amuse themselves…following are the pictures at the airport.

On the plane, we were seated right at the first row of the economy class area so she had that little space in front of us to play at but mostly throughout the trip, she was asleep most of the time (phew!).

When we took off, she was already asleep, she fell asleep while the plane was taxiing, getting ready to take off. So my worry of how the air pressure will affect her was taken care of then. She slept over 2 hours so she missed the plane food but we kept some fruits and a cheesecake for her which she walloped when she got up.

We transited at Taipei’s airport for about an hour so this girl had fun walking around the airport. She was so lively and happy, she was singing loudly while walking as if she owns the airport.

When we boarded the plane again, once she saw the same seats that we were sitting, she let out a cry of dismay and said “I wan go owchide” (I want to go outside). We explained to her that we have not reached her Ah Mai’s place yet and that we still need to sit on the plane. Then she went on saying “I wan chee Ah Mai” (I want to see Ah Mai) and she went to the window and said so loudly “Ah Mai” a few times. Then we realized that she thought that we have already reached the destination when we landed at Taipei. Hehe.

I gave her a sweet when we took off as she didn’t want to be buckled up with me (had to use a sweet to bribe her when she was difficult – thankfully, I only had to give her a sweet 3 times throughout the journey).

After our dinner on the plane, we prepared her for her bedtime. Surprisingly, she was alright with the plane’s bassinet, she willingly went in there when we told her that she will be sleeping in it. We’re guessing that she rather be lying down flat that to sleep on me (which she was when she had her nap to Taipei). Only thing was the bassinet is really small, she is longer than it so her movement in it was also restricted. She only managed to sleep in there for like 3 hours before waking up frustrated.

We were lucky that we had 3 seats to ourselves but the side bars cannot be lifted. Even the air stewardess (have to say the second batch to LA were really nice and friendly to her and us unlike the first batch to Taipei) realized that she was longer than the bassinet and asked us if we want to have other available seats since the flight was not full but we decided to remain where we were as we liked the space in front of our legs where she can play.

So when she got up crying in the middle of the night, I took her to the 3 seats that were available and let her lie there. She was alright for about 4-5 hours but she did wake up in between a few times with a little cry. I on the other hand, could not sleep well throughout the plane (and found out later that her papa also couldn’t sleep) as not only was it uncomfortable but I was worried that she would fall to the floor and also that she would disturb others if she cried. In the end she got up crying asking for milk and I had to bring her back to our original seats. By this time, it was like 5 plus am (M’sian time) and I thought of not letting her sleep on but she did after that till we nearly landed. And she slept in the bassinet in which I had to coax her a little to be in there since she was frustrated sleeping on me (she couldn’t have her liberty of moving about).

We landed early but had to wait a long time to get through the custom as there were many people. The girl was patient enough to be in the sling on me the whole time, she did ask to walk but I didn't dare since I wouldn't be able to catch her through the long queue should she wander off.

We were picked up by hubby's sis and were brought back to her home to unload our luggages before heading for dinner. We had Korean tofu soupy stuff and it was really delicious! I wouldn't mind going back there to eat again.

My impression of LA so far? Well, a little bit disappointed with LA’s airport (I’ve been too brainwashed with what I saw on TV so I expected more out of it). I mean I know it’s one of the busiest airports in the world and knowing it is, you would expect a whole lot more than what it is right now. Hope to see the new makeover in the future. As for the rest of LA, still too early to tell... will keep you posted whenever I can (like now as I'm still not adjusted to the time yet - I'm impressed with the girl as she is adjusting way better than the rest of us). Stay tuned! :)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mummy's entry - 21 months update

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This update is more on her behaviour and speech.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that her behaviour now is preparing us for the "Terrible Twos" that all of us will be facing soon but whatever it is, she is getting incredibly cheeky and naughty.

At times, she can be the sweetest angel and at times she can be such an ugly monster!

She doesn't want to put back her things anymore when we ask her to. Instead she will tell us to put them back for her with her "Mummy, pu back" or "Papa, pu back" (put back). We have to encourage her to put it back together but when she is in one of her foul moods, we have no choice but to threaten her with her "Naughty Corner".

When we're going out or returning home, we will need to use the lift in our condo. So this little girl will tag along and when we have entered the lift, she will just stand at the entrance and stopped to look at us for our reaction. Or if she is in the lift, she will not leave with us immediately but will wait inside, smile and see our reaction. I'm at the verge of just letting the door shut and leave her in there but it doesnt't help that we have 16 floors in our condo (and some people may consider this abusive)! Anyway, we will pretend that we are just going to let her be by letting the door close a little and she will quickly budge. There were a few times that there were other people in the lift and we had no choice but to carry her along.

She is very possessive and territorial lately. She will not share her toys with anyone, not even us. Even after explaining many times to her the concept of sharing (and I'm told by her babysitter that she will share at the nursery although at times, she will be very bossy), she will give in some times.

About a month back, our neighbour's daughter, Jasmine came into our place for the first time and Rye Li was protesting all the way with her "don wans". But we ignored her, well we explained to her that she was here to play with her and that she would not take back her toys. Still, she cried when Jasmine sat on her car and played with her toys. We just let her to cry while we reasoned with her again and again as we wanted to teach her the concept of sharing her toys with others. Ever since that day when we asked her whether Jasmine can come over and play, she will reply "don wan".

A few weeks back, she had the chance to go over there for the first time, she willingly went into their place and helped herself to Jasmine's toys. Surprisingly, Jasmine allowed her, she is 4 months younger than Rye Li. I took the opportunity to stress this point, how Jasmine is willing to share with her so she also must share her toys with Jasmine. But this didn't work, she still say "don wan" when we ask her whether Jasmine can come over.

These days it is "i don wan" and she will stress on the "i". Even when I threaten her with the naughty corner she will say "i don wan".

This girl knows how to irritate us (or so she thinks) by ignoring us when we ask her to do something. We know she heard us but pretends not to and will only do it when we nag her.

She is pretty stubborn too and I feel that I'm partly to be blamed for this as I use alot of reverse psychology on her. When I know she's being difficult, I will scold her and tell her to cry. At times, I threaten her with her naughty corner that she can stand there and cry. Most times, she will not cry but just sulk.

When I want her to eat/drink or even do something, her initiall responses will be "don wan" and I will just add "ok, don't want, done! no need to...." and she will react to this and say "i wan". I know, I never said I was a good mom!

She knows when she is naughty too and acts like it is cool to be naughty and shows it off at times. One time, she refused to brush her teeth during her shower and I totally gave up in forcing her. When she came out from her shower, she went and tell her papa "i din brush teeth" (I didn't brush my teeth) and smiled.

On her speech, she has picked up alot of words and most of the times will be the parrot, and repeat the words that we have just said.
She can come home from the nursery and boast to us:-

"I pay garden" (I played at the garden)
and then,

"I pay chide" (I played on the slide)
and then,

"I pay chee chaw" (I played on the see-saw)

Also, she can tell us:-
"I eat yice" (I eat rice)

"I pall dum, knee gok bird" (I fall down and my knee got blood) She still says "dum" for down and it is funny to hear her say "i wan get dum" (I want to get down)

She likes to show off and always need to inform us so that we are aware of what she is doing and she will go "mummy/papa chee, chee" (chee = see)

Her persistence in getting the message across to us is really getting to my nerves. You see, before I became a mom, I have always found it irritating when kids keep repeating the same phrase over and over again till they get what they want. I think I may have asked those kids to shut up before.

And now that I have a talking toddler (which feels like payback time!), I have been trying to be as patient as I can (not my natural trait at all). I always pray for more patience and calmness and remind myself not to say "Shut up" when she gets to me. Haha....and no, I've yet to tell her to keep quiet so far. I will usually try to ignore her and suffer in silence or to try and steer her attention to other stuff or quickly give her whatever she wants but I cannot promise I can do this when I'm already in a bad mood. ;)

The following is an example of how persistent she can be:
We were at the supermarket and I bought some strawberries for her. Upon seeing it, she already said that she wants them. I explained to her that she cannot have them yet because they need to be washed at home and then only she can eat them. She seemed to understand it at that time and let it be but several minutes later;

"I wan chawbeyee, mummy, I wan eat chawbeyee"

And I explained it to her again. But several seconds later, same thing. And this repeated over again and again throughout the supermarket, at the cashier, on the way to the car, in the car, on the way home and at home till she got her strawberries.

Oh, how do I get to maintain my sanity?

Mummy's entry - My little one singing

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This girl is singing a whole lot these days...maybe out of tune, but you can make up the words that she's singing and thus, you will know which song she's singing to.

Twice this week when we were out for dinner, she entertained herself by singing "twinkle, twinkle star" to herself and really loud too.

In the car, she will sing along to the songs from her Kindermusik CDs and the same at home. Hubby is asking me whether I'm sure I want to stop her classes. I'm planning to by year end when she finishes her semester. You see, this girl refuses to participate in class lately, she only does like 20-30% of the time and the other time, she will go around on her own and do her stuff and will resist me from bringing her back to participate. She knows the actions as she will do them at home but when she's in the class, she just refused to even when her teacher asks her to. Oh well, we shall see her progress by year end.

Anyway, since I've been listening to alot of "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White Ts, I didn't realize that this girl has also been listening to this song as well. Yesterday, while in the car, the radio station was playing this song and when the chorus of the song came on, this girl went "Ohh......meeee" and then "".

I was totally caught by surprised and I laughed at her and praised her that I didn't know she knows this song. She smiled...and we sang the chorus together after that. And then it hit on me that I do sing to her part of the chorus (oh, it's what you do to me) now and then and this was how she knows the song.

She's also more cooperative these days in wanting me to record her singing...but difficult to have a full recording session as she will want to see the video halfway! hah!