Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some random photo updates

I like acting like a baby at times....and I do miss my cot. I ask to go into the cot daily just to be with my mei-mei. If she doesn't want to play with me, I will just lie in it and be a baby for a while. After all, I still suck my thumb.

Here's me, sitting in my baby doll's stroller. I'm still petite so it can carry my weight. I'm trying to put my mei-mei in it at times but Mummy will shout at me. I'll wait till she grows a little bigger before I try again.

Here's a picture of me giving a kiss to my handsome prince, my papa on his birthday last month. He'll always be my handsome prince *a mental note to mummy: to update why I call him my handsome prince*.

Pictures with my papa & mei-mei...

I've been cycling around our condo for months now....I wonder when papa is letting me cycle at the park. He says I can't use the brake handles yet...actually, my hands can't reach them. So I'll just bang into things to stop me from cycling at the moment.

Pictures of how I eat on my own. I keep telling Mummy that I want to eat at our dining table as I'm not a baby anymore and I don't need the high chair but she said she doesn't want me to run around while eating and also that if I want to watch TV, I need to be placed in it so that I don't make a mess on the sofa or mattress.

I'm saving the best picture for the last....this is how I laze around watching my TV in the house. Ain't I a hot-looking couch potato?! :D

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Making Pizza

Let me teach you how to make pizza (my first attempt over last weekend)….

First, you get ready the dough. And then with some flour, you used whatever you can think of (in my case, our drinking bottle) to roll out the dough to a flat piece.

Ok, I’m not strong enough so I need to use my plan B (my papa, whom by the way, prepared the dough the night before and also all the other preparations too – well, I didn’t say I can cook now did I?!)

Once the dough is spread out flat enough, you put the tomato paste.

Ok, I need my papa’s help again to make sure that I’ve added enough paste.

Then you add the cheese, loads and loads of cheese.

Don’t forget to smell your hands, just to make sure you’ve got the right cheese.

And then you add the mushrooms and whatever you want (we made my pizza first so I get to chose!)

And ta dah…. You got the pizza.

Oh, I forgot, you also need to put it in the oven (don’t ask me at what heat and for how long though, my papa did all that)

And once the oven goes ‘ting!’, you will know that your pizza is ready…and this my friends, is my pizza. Mamamia!