Sunday, May 03, 2009

Making Pizza

Let me teach you how to make pizza (my first attempt over last weekend)….

First, you get ready the dough. And then with some flour, you used whatever you can think of (in my case, our drinking bottle) to roll out the dough to a flat piece.

Ok, I’m not strong enough so I need to use my plan B (my papa, whom by the way, prepared the dough the night before and also all the other preparations too – well, I didn’t say I can cook now did I?!)

Once the dough is spread out flat enough, you put the tomato paste.

Ok, I need my papa’s help again to make sure that I’ve added enough paste.

Then you add the cheese, loads and loads of cheese.

Don’t forget to smell your hands, just to make sure you’ve got the right cheese.

And then you add the mushrooms and whatever you want (we made my pizza first so I get to chose!)

And ta dah…. You got the pizza.

Oh, I forgot, you also need to put it in the oven (don’t ask me at what heat and for how long though, my papa did all that)

And once the oven goes ‘ting!’, you will know that your pizza is ready…and this my friends, is my pizza. Mamamia!


KittyCat said...

Rye Li, Rye Li - You look so cute posing in the first pic! Definitely a poster child for pizza :)

You're making poor auntie stuck in China here drool...

You like mushrooms??? Please tell Lucas next time how yummy they are because he hates them.

Btw, your Papa's tattoo is "BAD"...and I thought my late father's one was bad enough. What is it anyway?

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...papa got tattoo one ah?

huisia said...

wow,little pretty chef!

Sasha said...

WUAHHH yr papa very gaya!siap with the bandana

zmm said...

Your papa looks like a pirate!!

(oops.. did you realise everybody talk about your papa only, not about the pizza?)

ryeli said...

hey, this post is suppose 2 be abt me, not my papa!

aunty kittycat - it's a fish, i think. he added that on. there's a few tattoos on that arm, started with his name, and then a few dolphins were added to the name, and then the fish with some waves. there's some more on the other side of his arm, back and leg. i guess u can say it's bad! :D

KittyCat said...

LOL complicated!

My Dad's tattoo was a NAKED can imagine what a fuss it created when I was a kid. But it sure made the boys pay attention and don't "play play" with us ;-)

Rye Li and Haye Li's "boy boys" better watch out hahaha

May said...

haha.. everyone was attracted to your papa!.

Can see from Ryeli's expression, she certainly enjoys making the pizza.
btw: is that your kitchen?? LOL.