Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mummy's entry - "I don't want to go music class anymore!"

Since Mother’s Day, the girl told her papa “I don’t want to go (for) music class anymore”. Ever since we found out I was pregnant, hubby took over in taking her to classes. As usual, most of the times, she doesn’t participate but we hung on to her classes till that very day when she made that comment. Interestingly, it was also her last paid class that day. When I asked her why, she said “Because I don’t like teacher Sally and teacher Pat”. But I felt there is more to it than just the teachers.

So, we didn’t take her to class the following weekend but I called the principal and told her of Rye Li’s comment. I was thinking of enrolling her for piano lessons eventually if she’s interested and the principal said that Rye Li may be too young now. She also thought that it could be the new faces (including the teacher) in class and the new environment too (they moved from Ikano Power Station to a house nearby in February this year).

Anyway, we tried one more time for another class on a different day and this time I went in with Rye Li. The class was full (the one we usually go have only 5-6 kids and a full class will make of 12 kids) and I didn’t like the fact that some kids had both parents there and in class making the room even more congested. It is a known fact that only one parent can be in class all this while unless the class isn’t full.

Rye Li was back to her non-participative self and only after encouragement from me, she will join in. I felt that she prefers me to be with her compared to her papa but I could feel what she was feeling too – the classes were no longer as enjoyable as they used to.

You see, the centre decided to drop the Kindermusik program and created their own program (The last semester Rye Li attended was their own program). No doubt, the principal and her teachers are good but I feel by dropping the Kindermusik program, they are also losing its core strength.

So it has been months that Rye Li has not been attending her regular music class and we do ask her now and then whether she wants to go but she will always say “Don’t want”. Recently I asked her why she doesn’t want to go and she replied “because (I) scared of lion dance”. They had an opening ceremony when they moved to the house in February which coincides with CNY and had a lion dance. We were there and my scaredy-cat girl was terrified with the lion dance and till today she will say “I don’t like lion dance”. So I’m guessing she’s also associating the new environment to be scary.

I will be looking for another centre that has the Kindermusik program for no. 2, just to be fair. And if Rye Li wants to continue, I will let her, if not I will find some other substitute like preparing her for school or something.

By the way, I know we have been slacking for updates here – I seriously don’t have the time anymore. And as much as there are heaps to updates, not forgetting photos, I feel that my weekends need to be spent more in a meaningful manner especially before Baby H comes. Rye Li is getting more emotional, demanding and seeking our attention most of the times, so we will be taking the backseat for this blog. But when I can squeeze in the time, you will most likely see photos more than words! ;) Also, stay tune for Baby H’s arrival – she will have her own blog too (I know, don’t ask me how am I going to manage 3 blogs then!)