Saturday, May 05, 2007


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We went for a holiday at Cherating over the long weekend and this is the first time I got to play at the beach (Perhentian at 5 months old doesn’t count since I was too young then to play). I slept throughout most of the way there to Mummy’s delight. We arrived at our hotel just before 3pm and I had my first taste (literary too as I accidentally put my toy spade in my mouth) of the sand that evening itself.

Initially, when I was walking through the sand with my slippers, I didn’t like the feeling of sand that came on to my slippers and I complaint a little. Mummy just pointed out to me and said “it’s okay girl, mummy’s and papa’s slippers also got sand”. I was alright with the feeling of sand sticking on to my feet after that and was even happy to walk around throughout our holiday with just my bare feet!

first day at the beach

Then we got on to the shores of the beach and Papa held on to my hand. I was a little scared of the waves that kept coming my way and when Papa carried me to bring me in further and touched the stronger waves, I voiced out my worries. So I was brought back to my level of comfort at the beach and played with sand with my beach toys.

first day at the beach

After like half hour or so, we went swimming at the hotel’s pool. I had so much fun in the water that I didn’t want to go back and made a huge fuss. It’s like this every time for the next four days too and Mummy had to lure me each time with food (or with bubble baths that is to follow after my swims) when she’s patient or it’s just brutal force when she’s not so patient (lucky Papa is around to buffer this).

Our daily routine for the next 4 days – once waken up, we all will go for breakfast and then to the beach and then to the pool and then to the room where we will nap for 2-3 hours. After my meal, we’re off to the beach or the pool again or the playground till evening and then we will have our dinner and then it’s bedtime.

having fun playing sand

my concerned look as I was afraid of the sandman (the little figure on the right) that papa made

since papa made a better looking sandman the next day, i'm not that scared anymore

my beach bathtub that papa digged for me

all my toys joined me in my "bathtub"

at the playground

papa's new girlfriend

posing in the sun

this picture was taken just before that big wave came and washed me over!

one of the games I played with papa in the pool

this is one of the times i refused to get out of the pool and mummy used her brutal force on me, noticed how dark it is already

papa teaching me to fly a kite

Luckily I had my fair share of the beach and pool the first few days as the last 2 days, it was raining. I still did manage to play in the sand in the drizzle and also swim but not as long though.
after my bath

after my bath, playing with my toys

in deep sleep, i'm very tired at nights after all that play

at the balcony of our room, getting my routine rub of sun block lotion

my "chun li" (streetfighter) look

All in all, I really had a lot of fun and became bolder not just in the pool (I dare to jump into the pool on my own whether it’s at the shallow end or deep end – when Mummy and Papa are there to catch me of course) but also at the shores of the beach (I dare to walk on my own along the waves even after that incident on our second day there where a strong wave came while I was crawling along the shore and covered me entirely – I gulped in some water!).

hanging out at the balcony

happy with the box of the new toy i got for the trip

since i don't drink water much, i get the privilege of testing out mummy's and papa's drink (a habit which mummy initially didn't want to start) whenever we eat out but i will only take sips

The only bad side of the trip was that every night for sure during dinner, I will have a half an hour ordeal of trying to poo. The same scene where I will break out in cold sweat and will cry till my poo comes out. Mummy initially thought that it is because she’s around that I do this as Aunty Ng tells her I behave normal when I poo at the nursery and I’m even alright with poo-ing on the potty there. But on our third night, she noticed some blood in my poo and I was on the lactose again after that. I still don’t drink as much as I should and it is always a battle for Mummy to make me drink – she has bought some nice cups for me to drink from but it is only sips that she will get out of me. And I don’t like juices at all. I do eat dried prunes and I love cherry tomatoes (which were part of my breakfasts every morning there) but I still have these ordeals so it is definitely from the lack of water I’m getting. I will be on the lactose for a while till I drink enough water again.

Anyway, since I love the beach so much, Mummy has been telling Papa maybe we will do some short trips to PD (Port Dickson) now and then. I hope that she will stick to her words!


mommy of two angels said...

wow such beautiful pictures...she look so tan and happy, with those sun kissed cute

poor thing about the poo though! next time ask mommy to give u more banana or papaya! hehehe

KittyCat said...

So fun! And check out those thighs! Btw, I can't remember which is which but even/odd numbered lines on the thighs can supposedly tell the sex of ur next kid ;-)

Sigh...we must go off for a family holiday by the beach soon. I'm dying to just lie on the beach and let the waves wash over me...

Vien said...

Aiyo! So cute...those thighs! Oh my my...geeeerraam! I wanna bite bite bite! Belle is loosing her baby I have to resort to biting her chubby butt..LOL!

God's Little Angel said...


She cute and angelic. Give her a bunny hug and a guinness kiss from me...haa...haa

just luv her smile

zara's mama said...

Wah.. she looks like she's really having a great time!!

Pst.. where did you stay? We want to bring the girls there too, but don't know which is a good hotel..

The sand at the beach not those powdery type huh? But never mind.. make it good enough to make sand men!

ryeli said...

mommy of 2 angels - thanks! mummy did give me bananas and papayas too but i don't take them much, just bits!

kittycat - yea the lines on the inner thighs, seems that 1 line means boy for next one and 2 lines means girl. rye li got 2 so will see if this works for the next one. told hubby that i will stop at the same sex, no more if the next one is a girl. ;)

and no chance of just lying on the beach with a baby - unless u managed to get lucas to sleep by the beach! ;)

vien - rye li was chubbier before and she's losing her baby fat too. hope she maintains some at least. they really are irresistable eh?!

god's little angel - thanks for dropping by. and thanks for compliments, will give her the hugs and kiss for u, btw, what's a guinness kiss? ;)

zmm - we stayed at legend resort. we like the pools coz they have 2 huge ones. very good if there are loads of people. also, they have batik painting now at the playgroud by the pool which zara will love.

there are powdery sands towards the hotel area, the ones towards the sea are muddy.

have to comment on the seafood around that area though coz not up to expectations. perhaps, we ate at the wrong restaurants. i know there's a good one at kemaman town but that's like 1/2 hour drive.