Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

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Mummy got a surprised yesterday night when she was clearing out my bag from Aunty Ng’s (my caretaker). She found this…

No, I didn’t make it, the other elder kids at the nursery did it and signed it off as me. Nonetheless, Mummy is still proud and happy that she received it….here’s wishing Happy Mother’s Day to all!

*update: Mummy found out that I actually made this, well, assisted in the making of this card. Aunty Ng told her that it was my hands that made the hearts on this card. She said that if I'm not able to assist, Mummy will not be getting a card which explains why she didn't received one last year. ;) Mummy is even happier when she heard that it was actually me that made the card.

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