Sunday, May 27, 2007

I want...

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Lately, I’ve been saying “I want”, well, it sounds more like “I wa”….

It’s no longer “bor” when I want a ball to play with, I will say first “bor” and if I’m not heard, I will go “I wa bor” and I will keep repeating this till the message get across to Mummy or Papa.

The same goes when I want my toys. I will say first “toy” and point to them and stressed further “I wa toys”.

This usually happens when I’m on my baby high chair. But for other times, it is mostly when I want to be carried. I will look up at Mummy or Papa, and hit them on their legs and go “I wa po-po”

Mummy is wondering who taught me to say that or when did I pick this up.

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mommy of 2 angels said...

another milestone ~ talking in full sentence! woohoooo

next day can heart to heart talk with mommy.