Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our balcony

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This post is dedicated to Lucas’ mummy for complimenting on our balcony. Our balcony is Papa’s pride and joy (other than me of course). He has put in a lot of sweat into it and now this is the outcome – it is a place where we go to just to hang out in the mornings when papa takes me to help him feed the fishes there.

We used to have a hammock there, by the railings of the balcony. Actually we still do but it’s hanging on to one side now as it has collected a lot of dust along the way. The last time Mummy was in it was when I was still in her tummy. She used to lie there and read her books. It’s a pity that it is not functioning like before as I’m sure I will love to be in it. Anyway, it’s also taken away to make way for Papa’s plants that are blooming.

Papa and Mummy wanted to install a fan at the balcony but then Mummy got pregnant with me so this idea was stalled (our Chinese culture believes that when a lady gets pregnant, no construction work should be done in her house, even light ones like nailing on a wall as they believe this will have adverse effect on the baby). Now that I’m here, they did not bother to put it up either as they rarely hang out there after I was born till lately. But with the bothering hot weather these days, I feel that they should install one there as Papa and I always sweat like crazy when we hang out there in the mornings.

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Vien said...

Wow! The balcony looks awesome.