Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poo updates

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I’m glad to report that I’m poo-ing as normal now ever since Mummy’s updates of the first ordeal and then the little ordeal again during our holidays. I’m off totally on the lactose (unless I didn’t poo for that day) and I’ve been doing my business on the potty, both at home and at Aunty Ng’s nursery (my caretaker). Of course, there is the occasional too-late situations where I’ve already poo-ed in my diapers (this is rare as I always inform that I want to “nnggh-nnggh”, even if it’s just farting) or when we’re outside and I’ve no choice but to poo in my diapers.

Mummy stuffs me silly with fruits the whole day between my meals over the weekends or she will stuff me with fruits when we’re at home after Aunty Ng’s. She also makes sure I drink lots of water which can annoy me at times and I will fight back, refusing to drink. But Mummy is smart, when she knows I want something, she will make me drink for it and I’ve no choice but to drink.

And on my drinking milk updates, I still don’t drink as much as before but at times, depending on my mood, I will want some more milk. Mummy has mixed the milk with a vanilla flavoured one, I didn’t like it initially but now I’m used to it already.

Mummy wants to thank all of you who have given suggestions and advices on both of my situations. Both Mummy and Papa are happy that I’m alright now with the potty and also that I’m back to normal with my “business”. The next step is to get me off my diapers for good.

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