Thursday, May 24, 2007

A lot like Linus

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Thanks to Mummy of 2 Angels, she highlighted to Mummy that I reminded her of Linus, a character from the comics, Snoopy when she saw my pictures of me sucking my thumb while holding on to my security blankie (sling). Mummy found this picture of Linus from the net and saw some resemblance of it to me.

Mummy hopes that I will give up this habit before I ever go to school unlike Linus. But don’t you think he looks really cute like that?! You can read more about his character here.

I'm not just attached to my sling. I'm also attached to anything that my fingers can hold on to, like Mummy's pillow or Papa's bolster, their quilt covers and at times, their clothes too (if I managed to hold on to some of its cloth).


Vien said...

Haha..I think Ryeli just like the scent from both of you.

Twin said...

Hi!! I like the pic with her holding the sling ... looks a lot like Linus ... teehee. She's so cute.

ryeli said...

vien - yea, we think so too, probably started like that. now she has hijacked both my pillows in her cot, will be posting on this soon.

twin - thanks for dropping by! was nice talking to you yesterday evening.