Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

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I guess the abovementioned saying is true for me. Papa travels quite frequently for work and whenever he is away, I drive Mummy crazy with my endless “papa” questions. It’s always papa this or papa that.

First thing I wake up in the mornings, I will go “papa?”. On the way out of the house, I will look at Mummy and go “papa?”. In the car, I will go “papa?”. When Mummy picks me up from Aunty Ng’s (my caretaker), I will ask Mummy “papa?” in the car on the way home, several times. And when we have reached home, at our door, I will ask Mummy “papa?”, thinking that Papa may be at home but he’s not. When it is time to sleep, I will ask Mummy “papa?”.

Even when Mummy’s phone rings, I will go “papa?”. I have talked to Papa on the phone before but I will only say “papa” or some other words Mummy asked me to say.

And when Papa finally comes home, I will glue on to him the whole time, even refusing Mummy. Mummy told Papa now he knows how she felt when I wanted her all the time. Papa used to complaint why I want Mummy all the time even after Mummy scolded or punished me. So now he feels equally important. However, I still want Mummy when it is time for bed at nights or when I’m not feeling well.

Lately, only just a few days ago, I started saying “mummy” a whole lot too but not as often as “papa” though.

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Vien said...

Awww...that sounds so cute. I'm sensing a hint of jealousy from mommy..hehe..