Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mummy’s entry – Let’s celebrate!

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Finally, the little girl has poo-ed in her potty for the first time without struggle on Sunday morning. I was trying to use the same tactic as the nursery, that is, to entice her with a bucket of water while sitting on her potty. In fact, I took one step more and added her favourite, “bubba” as she called it for bubbles. I was too late in trying it on Saturday morning as she had her little ordeal again while having breakfast – by the time I took her to her potty, there was a little poo in her diaper. I tried anyway but nothing else came out.

Later in the night before getting her ready for bed, I tried it one more time but to no avail. At least she had fun playing with the bubbles.

Then on Sunday morning, I thought that I’d give it a go again except that she was the one that prompted that she wanted to poo, knowing that her papa needed to poo (also due to the fact that I mentioned bubbles for her to play with earlier on). So, I put her on her potty and got the bucket of water and made some bubbles for her to play. And of course, the usual “nnggm-nnggm” sounds along the way. This went on for like 5-10 minutes; she played with the bubbles and towards the later part I can see that she is trying to poo but nothing came out yet. So I thought she was holding it in. Then she wanted to stand up and showed her concerned look and I told her that it is okay and played with her bubbles to take her attention away. Another 5 minutes went by and I was about to give up when I heard “poop” and then another one after that….I was so happy that I actually cheered her on….and she also peed (also her first time in the potty). I continued cheering, praising and gave her a big kiss…screamed for her papa and asked to bring the camera too (yes, I was going to post the picture here of her sitting on her potty but decided not to since she was fully naked then. And no, I didn’t take picture of the poo!).

I know this post sound ridiculous but ever since that horrible ordeal, we have been monitoring her poo situation with anxiety. That morning just made us so happy for her. Now we hope that she will poo in her potty when she’s at home. We will see how the next weekend goes.

And instead of the pic of her sitting down on her potty, I’ll let you enjoy this video clip of her dancing to her music. Let’s celebrate!


Vien said...

Aiseh..must take the 1st poo pic mah. We did that with Belle's..kakakaka..She looks super duperly cute in the video.

papa said...

For those that don't have kid, one day you wil understand why we are so over joy with "poo"...Never thought I will be so proud of baby for "pooing"...(if you see this comment too many time, is not my fault is the network!!!) hehe...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ryeli,

I'm so proud of you. You did IT all by yourself! I hope that you can show me how you do IT again when I see you in July. Anything that I can get for you from LA to make IT a fun process, do let me know :).

Your Loyal Fan from LA

papa for baby said...

hehe...thanks...papa said you have something order for me (papa will pay. And I make sure of that... hehe) through the mail now...the last I saw it I went "...ooooooooooooo..." thanks.