Saturday, March 31, 2007

Little gangsta!

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The following video shows one of my bad habits... foot on my table and leg shaking. Mummy and Papa will always tickle my foot when I do this.


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Papa is back! I'm happy and so is Mummy....

This is what I got from Papa and Ah Mai (Papa's sister)

and this is what Papa got Mummy! He gained brownie points as this is the first time Mummy has ever gotten this type of chocolates. During our trip to Bangkok last year, Mummy kept checking out the Godiva chocs at the airport and Papa told her to stop looking and just get them. But she was not willing to spend that much on it. Yea, my Mummy is that type that can buy a hundred things with very little money on her hands. Mummy said it looks too good to be eaten and will be saving these for rainy days (it's been raining every day ever since).

This picture is to update those of you who have yet to see my teeth... I currently have 4 and half teeth and another one is coming out. I've yet to reach the lucky 8.... anyhow, Mummy has been slow to take pictures of me showing all my pearly whites so this is one of her lucky shots of this. :D

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Papa's coming home!

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Yippie! Papa is coming home today.... We're off to the airport this afternoon to pick him up! I don't know who's happier, Mummy or I... mmmm...can't wait to see my presents! :D

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My First Year

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This has been way overdue...enjoy!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Progress Updates – towards 15 months

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Since CNY, I have learnt to speak more words…

“Ow” – out

“ais” – ice

“bor bor” – ball

“rai-rai”/ “raiee” – Rye Li

“ro-ro” – row as in “row, row, row your boat”, whenever Mummy sings this song, I will go “”

“po-po” – when I want to be carried

“ngo” – no, I will shake my head “no” when I do this and also move my hands from left to right

“whek” – wet

“uh o o” – Uh Oh

“merk“– milk, I will ask for this when I wake up in the middle of the nights

“dock” – dog

“ba ba” – bye

“tah tah” – thank you

“pom pom” – bathe

“ai”/”ah” – I, as in when you ask me who’s Rye Li and I will lift my hands up and say “ai”

“bok” – book

My weight as at 10th March 2007 is 8.7kgs and 71.5cm in height, still pretty tiny. And I’ve finally finished the third dose of that pnemo-thingy jabs….bad news is that I will still have to see my doctor when I hit 18 months for the next jab. Bummer!

And because I walk very steadily now, I’m the only baby at Aunty Ng’s that is allowed to come out from my cot and play with the other children. I like playing with the elder kids around me and I get really excited when I'm given this chance to get out from my cot. Also, recently, I am allowed to join them for the classes in the mornings where we learn stuff like learning new words , the ABCs and singing songs.

Mummy’s entry – “Po po”

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From her “pa pa” episode, she is now saying “Po po” (Chinese for carry) all the time. Once at home, I can’t put her down as she wants to be carried. And when I’ve managed to put her down she will go “Po po”. I have to keep on distracting her with things. And whenever I step into the kitchen, an area that she is forbidden to enter without us carrying her, she will go “Po po” from the gate and will make a fuss if I don’t carry her.

Even at nights when it is time to sleep, something she can do on her own after drinking her milk, it has been kind of a nightmare for me this past week as she will get up on her own from her cot and say “Po po”. And the same too when she wakes up in the middle of the night for her milk. I managed to convince her to lie down and I’ll pat her back to sleep. Thankfully, she will settle for this.

She has been extra clingy since the weekend and I thought perhaps, it has got to do with her Papa being away. But I also learnt that there’s a new baby girl (she is now no longer the youngest girl) at the nursery and her babysitter (Aunty Ng) said she has been jealous when she carries the baby. In fact, just a couple of weeks back when I was carrying my cousin’s baby, Rye Li was making a fuss and wanted me to carry her instead. Her Papa tested her after that too but she wasn’t bothered when he carried the baby. Hmmm…I have to start training her in accepting me to carry other people’s babies if I plan to have a second one.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Going home from Aunty Ng's

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I was having fun playing with the other kids and toys at Aunty Ng's when I was picked up quickly by Aunty Ng as Mummy has come to pick me up. I sort of resisted and complaint and refused to be handed over to Mummy. Then Mummy said "Ok, you stay here with Aunty Ng and you oi oi (Chinese slang for sleep) with Aunty Ng tonight ok?!" and I replied "Em", my way of saying ok. And then Mummy went "Bye-Bye" and I responded with my hands bye-bye to her! And she looked at Aunty Ng and told her that I'm really serious with this.

So Aunty Ng took me into her kitchen and got me a pack of biscuits and brought me out to Mummy and told me that Mummy will open it for me. So I went to Mummy willingly.

All the way home, Mummy had to keep on giving the biscuits while she was driving, if not, I will be complaining to her where's my biscuits?!!! And I also said "Pap pa...papa...pah pa" in which Mummy replied that he is still at work and later on I asked again. Actually I was referring to my biscuits!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa

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Dear Papa,

Where did you go?! I’ve been asking Mummy this, well it’s more like “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” and she kept on saying that you went to work and also that you went to see Ah Mai too.

Bad as it is, I always say this even when you’re around since it has been my favourite word ever since the “dada and wawa” episode and now that you’re not here, it is getting on Mummy’s nerves.

That day when she picked me up from Aunty Ng’s, in the car on the way home, I went “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” and this happened a few more times after that till we reached home. That night when it was time for bed, I asked Mummy this again.

Yesterday morning, when I got up real early so Mummy took me over to her bed and I went “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” again.

Throughout the day, same thing and then over at Ai Yee’s, when Mummy was trying to put me to sleep and I was half drifting away to slumber land, her phone rang and I took my thumb out from my mouth and went “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa”. I couldn’t fall asleep again after that so Mummy put me in the sling and walked me around hoping that I would fall asleep. Well, before I actually dozed off, I looked up at Mummy and went “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa”.

On the way back from Ai Yee’s, same thing and even when I was in bed last night, same thing.

This morning when I got up, from my cot, I asked Mummy “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” and she asked me back “Where’s Papa?” And I pointed to your side of the bed and went “deh!”.

And I heard some noises outside our room and I went “pap pa” but it’s not you, it was Kakak. Mummy took her over from Ai Yee's to our place last night.

Just now, on the way to music class, I asked again in the car “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa”

It was nice seeing you on the computer just now…I actually said “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” but you couldn’t hear me. Sorry ya if you think I was more occupied in the plastic wire that was linked to the microphone, I can’t help it, it looks really intriguing to me.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is please ignore Mummy’s apprehensive attitude when you told her you got me 3 pairs of shoes and that Ah Mai got me more clothes. I welcome them anytime (please don’t tell Mummy this).

Please come back in one piece yea and hurry ya…don’t know how long Mummy can tolerate my “Pap pa…pah pa…pap pa….pah pa” anymore. By the way, Mummy managed to make me poo in the toilet bowl today for the first time but it was only one very tiny poo and after that, I didn't want to sit on the bowl again. Mind you, Mummy had to take me 4 times to that bowl for this. She mentioned to Kakak that she's going to get me the potty soon.
Ok, I'll leave you to whatever you're doing and I'll continue to annoy Mummy. Take care Papa!

Rye Li
p.s. Remember you mentioned to Mummy the other day why she likes torturing me...well, she's doing it again. You come back and scold her for me yea!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mummy's entry - A-Z about me

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I've been tagged, thanks to my tags supplier, Lucas' Mummy and I'm already owing her an outstanding one in which I will do it later when I've more time to think about it. ;) ... I'm doing this now as this is easy-peasy (hint!)

[A is for age]:31 in July only (yea, kinda in denial)

[B is for booze of choice]: Strawberry Daiquiri, Midori Illusion, Gin & Tonic

[C is for career]:Key Account Management

[D is for your most dreaded]:Cockroaches

[E is for essential item you use everyday]:Watch - have not taken it off since Rye Li was born (only to have it clean of course but it's mostly on me 24 hours)

[F is for favorite song at the moment]:None from the radio stations. Mostly listening to Rye Li's music currently. Does "Old MacDonald" count as a favourite song?

[G is for favorite games]:Games? Does playing peek-a-boo or playing ball with Rye Li count or letting Rye Li chase me around the house?

[H is for Hometown]:Kuala Lumpur

[I is for indulgence:]Ice cream anytime!
[J is for favorite flavor of juice:] No favourite, any juice is okay for me

[K is for kids]:Is this question relating to how many kids I have or would like to have or my opinion on them?! I'll answer all three - I have currently 1 I would like to have 2 (although hubby wants 3 and I'm still contemplating on this) and I believe now that having a kid will not only change your life in so many ways but makes you appreciate your life more

[L is for last hug from husband]This morning

[M is for years of marriage]:3 years

[N is for name of your crush]:Too many to type out...along the lines of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise (I know, I know...these 2 have dropped off from many women's list since they got involved with their current partners but I'm just in them for their looks...hehe...i know, pretty shallow eh?! But it's just a gal's dream)

[O is for overnight hospital stays]:I've never stayed at the hospital before Rye Li was born (my own birth doesn't count as that was my Mom's time). I had 2 nights when Rye Li was born, another night for her jaundice like 5 days after she was born and another 2 nights when she had high fever when she was only 20 days old. Enough to scare me off hospitals till the next baby comes.

[P is for phobias]:Cockroaches and the "foreign" visitors at nights and perhaps death itself (something that haunts me in my dreams)

[Q is for quote]: Lucas' mummy quoted what I strongly believe in so I'll quote another one ... "You are what you eat" - so does this means I'm all ice cream?!!! Yum! Haha!

[R is for biggest regret:]None as I believe that everything happens for a reason and hey, if those things didn't happen, I would not have met Rye Li's papa and hence I would not have Rye Li

[S is for status, married or single]If you have a husband you've got to be married rite?! duh! (from the above question on L)

[T is for time you wake up:]If I can set a time, it will be noon but in reality, it's 6-45am weekdays and 8am weekends
[U is for underwear:] Of course! And I don't need to describe them here!

[V is for vegetable you love:]Petai, Kai-Lan, Pan Mee leaves

[W is for worst habit:]Procastinate

[X is for x-rays you've had]:Lost count... I did several from young (braces, root canal) and several later while in adulthood (crowns, sprained my wrist). the last one I did was like 3 weeks before I found out I was pregnant and I was really paranoid after that... Thank God Rye Li came out ok!

[Y is for yummy food you make]:I can't cook well but hubby can, I'm a recipe follower if there is such a word...but based on recipes I've followed, I would like to think I can cook! ;D ... I know I make better cocktails though! :D

[Z is for zodiac sign]:Cancer
Ok, I don't know of many bloggers personally and those that I know would probably have already been tagged before. So I'm leaving this out to whoever who reads this and want to do this on their blogs or through emails.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Security, Sling!

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Eversince our Bangkok trip last December, I have taken more than a liking for my sling. It has become a comfort object for me. One day, while everyone was so busy doing their own things at home, I noticed the sling was in my bag. I managed to pull it out and sprawled it out on the floor, lay on it and sucked my thumb. Ah Por saw me first in this state and told Papa about it. The rest is history...

I will grab part of it with my hand and suck my thumb while the other hand will just hold on to it and I will rub my fingers against the cloth...this soothes me and most of the time, it will soothe me to sleep.

Mummy has used this to her advantage... She'll use this to keep me quiet when I get cranky in the car or to put me to sleep when I refuse to fall asleep myself for my afternoon naps. She told Papa that this is the best investment so far as she can't leave home without it now (she's so used to it for carrying me around that when she carries me without the sling, she'll say that I'm getting heavier... I'll say that she's not strong enough and she should be thanking me for giving her that added muscles in her arms!).

Friday, March 09, 2007

My Chinese New Year 2007 - Part 2

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Since Ah Mai was still around, she followed me to my music class and also attended the class with us that Saturday after we returned from our trip. Thanks to her, we had the following pictures. Mummy has been thinking of taking some pictures in class but Papa never wants to join in for the sessions (actually only one parent is allowed in class if it's a full class but Mummy noticed that even if it's a full class, some parents did not obey the rules so she asked Ah Mai to sit in that day).

Dancing to one of the tunes in class

This is the massage time in class, something I don't really like and usually will protest. Somehow, Ah Mai managed to get this shot!

The above picture was taken before class, we visited Aunty SW, Uncle A and their son, S. I was messing up their place with S' toys.

The above picture was taken after class that day, I love mirrors and I was playing around with this one at the department store

The next day, Ah Mai left to get back to LA. We decided to hang out at the airport for a bit and also for me to see the planes landing and taking off.

Bye Ah Mai... CNY has come and gone in a breeze....we shall see you again in July yea! And thank you so much for the lovely presents.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Chinese New Year 2007 - Part 1

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It started out at Mummy's Grandma's house...I had fun playing, eating and playing...I got to see some fire crackers and I was not scared of it. In fact, my curiosity got the better of me that I wanted to go nearer and see what all the lights and sounds were about but Mummy didn't let me. Only thing that I was terrified of is Pheobe, Mummy's Grandma's dog...I jumped and screamed every time it comes near me. I now look at "woh woh" at a different way, something that terrifies me alot!

The next day, 1st day of CNY, we went to pick Ah Mai (Papa's sister) up from the airport and we were off to Cameron Highlands...the journey was a long one for me. The traffic was alright till we got into Camerons itself. I did get restless along the way and after a few attempts by Mummy in entertaining me with my toys and books (she brought along a bagful of them), she gave up and gave me my snacks. That got me quiet for some time till I had enough of snacks.

Tired from the long journey

When we finally reached our destination, Ah Kong, Ah Por (Paternal's granparents) and Peh Deh (Papa's brother) were there to greet us. Ah Mai unpacked and showed us what she got for me, yes, more clothes, very pretty ones and also the dog strap she got me. And I was forced to model the dog strap for them...

The next day, after collecting my ang pows (red packets filled with money), we went visiting. First to Mummy's uncle's Kopitiam (Chinese coffee shop) to see their newly opened shop and also we had lunch there. After that, we went to Ah Kong's family friend's home which took us 2 hours to get there (yes, it was only 2 towns away and all of us swore never ever to go to Camerons during CNY again). We hung out there for a bit till we got bored (well, us kids...meaning Papa, Mummy, Ah Mai and Peh Deh) and Ah Kong's family friend's second son took us to their flower farm (geberas) with his two children. We hung out at the flower farm for a bit as it was raining.

We spent the rest of the evening till late at the family friend's place....

We left for Penang the next day after saying our goodbyes to the family friends. The traffic was very bad. We all were too tired from the journey that we stayed at home (at Ah Kong's place) that evening.

Trying out Ah Mai's sun glasses on the way to Penang

We visited Aunty Jo and her son, KR kor kor the next day...and later we all spent some time shopping at the new mall in Penang.

The next day, we went visiting to Ah Kong's between, Papa took us to check out the new Rasa Sayang hotel by the beach. The place was huge and I walked alot!

We left for KL the next afternoon and the traffic was very good. Papa was tired so Mummy decided to drive us back....I was so tired that I slept for 2 and half hours of the journey.

Below is the outcome for my CNY trip....

I fell down twice that day before we left for KL. The first one, I slipped and my face hit the wooden rice bucket at Ah Kong's place and as a result, I got the red line just above my right eye and the bridge of my nose. And then, a few hours later, I fell again and my face hit the chair. Noticed the slight bruise and bump at the left side of my left eye?! So mean of Mummy to take my picture like this, people would think that I've been abused eh?!!!