Saturday, March 31, 2007


Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

Papa is back! I'm happy and so is Mummy....

This is what I got from Papa and Ah Mai (Papa's sister)

and this is what Papa got Mummy! He gained brownie points as this is the first time Mummy has ever gotten this type of chocolates. During our trip to Bangkok last year, Mummy kept checking out the Godiva chocs at the airport and Papa told her to stop looking and just get them. But she was not willing to spend that much on it. Yea, my Mummy is that type that can buy a hundred things with very little money on her hands. Mummy said it looks too good to be eaten and will be saving these for rainy days (it's been raining every day ever since).

This picture is to update those of you who have yet to see my teeth... I currently have 4 and half teeth and another one is coming out. I've yet to reach the lucky 8.... anyhow, Mummy has been slow to take pictures of me showing all my pearly whites so this is one of her lucky shots of this. :D


Vien said...

Guess how many teeth Belle has when she was 12 mth? 12!!! Now she has 16.

ryeli said...

vien - wow! first time i've heard about that...i hope u've stopped bfg by then. ;)

rye li's really slow, only bottom 2 started erupting at 11 months and upper 2 when she hit 12 months!

KittyCat said...

Hey! So they are finally out =) She looks differenet with them...very much like a little girl. Love that 1st year photo album you put together!

I LOL at the choc box Hubby got you...we are so similar, it's scary har har har

zara's mama said...

Papa so clever to shop..

Zara's papa cannot shop one.. don't know that to buy for the girls..

So cute her teeth..

ryeli said...

kittycat - thanks! glad to see that you did one for lucas too...can't believe how fast they grow eh?!!!

u like chocs too eh?!!! i love dark chocs!!!! yum!!!! :D

zmm - rye li's papa likes shopping for the ones he cares about only. when he sees something and think that that person may like it, he will most likely but it for him/her. anyway, can't complaint coz he has good tastes too although he can over-indulge at times!

mommy of two angels said...

yummy i want those chocs!!!

with so many teeth...must start brushing loh

ryeli said...

mommy of 2 angels - they look yummy don't they? i still got some left, surprisingly eh?! hehe.

yes, have started brushing even before the teeth came out. but now it's getting tougher coz she's not very cooperative like before.