Saturday, June 02, 2007

Going home from Aunty Ng's

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Mummy has been wondering whether I’m the only one from Aunty Ng’s nursery that refused to go home when it is time to go home.

The last few months, the only way for me to follow Mummy into the car is to have Aunty Ng giving me some biscuits so that I can enjoy them in the car ride home. And Mummy has mastered giving me biscuits at the back seat while she is driving (pretty dangerous, but she will tell me to wait when she can’t pass some biscuits to me).

Mummy also noticed that I don’t seem to be interested with the fact that she has arrived at Aunty Ng’s to pick me up. I’ll be at the baby’s room and will be carried out when Mummy has arrived. Thus, I get preoccupied with the elder kids playing in the living room when I’m being carried out and I will not show any reaction seeing Mummy. I will just tend to look at Mummy for a second and then my eyes are always staring at the other kids.

So today, Mummy was in Aunty Ng’s kitchen when Aunty Alice (one of the caretakers at Aunty Ng’s nursery) took me out into the living room. I only realized that Mummy was in the kitchen when she called out to me. I just looked at her for that split second and then I went on looking at the other kids play.

Mummy asked Aunty Ng whether I’m the only one there that does not show any interest in her Mummy and Aunty Ng reassured her that there are others too like me. But Mummy still think otherwise as she has noticed many times how happy the other kids are when they see their Mummies or Papas.

She has come to a conclusion that I’m lonely at home – either this or that she does torture me like how her friends and family have claimed when she tells them that I refused to follow her home!


Vien said...

Belle was like that at first but once she got older she becomes estatic to see us. :)

Twin said...

We are in your same shoes most of the time .. even until now that they are almost 4 and 3!! I agree with vien ... when they are older they'll be ecstatic to see us .. they'll be jumping up and down like monkeys!

ryeli said...

Vien - Belle's only 2 months older than rye li so i hope that my girl will soon show some happiness seeing me! ;)

Twin - i sure hope so!