Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mummy's entry - 'oopsies' while handling rye li

Just last week, while carrying Rye Li on the way down to our car park via the lift, I accidentally knocked Rye Li's head against the wall while entering the lift. At times, I do forget that she is not part of my body and hence, will subconsciously do things like how I will normally do.

And this brings me to realize that this incident is one of many 'oopsies' (accidents) that I've encountered while handling her ever since she was born. Actually, there was this one oopsie when I was 5 months pregnant with her. Again, I forgot that my tummy is already showing and while entering this narrow public toilet, I closed the door, hitting my tummy while doing so. It hurt like mad and I was so worried my baby also got hit. I was apologizing to my little baby then.

Ok, the following are the other oopsies:-

1. Scratches

My nails were cut short when I delivered her (a reminder by hubby that I have to do so for his sake but he still got deep scratches from my already cut nails during the delivery!). Anyway, as the weeks go by after delivering Rye Li, with the hectic lifestyle of a newborn baby, I obviously didn't get the privilege of 'My-own-time' and hence, no time in cutting my nails. So, there were a few oopsies where I did scratch her with my nails. Of course, they were not deep ones but since a baby's skin are extra fragile, the effect of just one light scratch is pretty obvious no doubt. Whenever this happens (yes, it happened several times till now, like I said, no time-lar), I will definitely cut my nails that day itself when I got the chance.

2. Bathing time

You know how slippery a baby can be in the bath. No, I didn't drown my baby but there were a few incidents where she slipped off from my grasp and nearly swallowed some water. There was this one time when she was laying down on her bath chair placed in her bathtub. I just looked away for a second to take her towel above me with one hand holding on to her and when I turned back, I realized the bath chair has slide off and lying flat on her bathtub. She was also lying flat and the water level was covering both ears but her face was still above the water. I immediately picked her up when I saw this and this girl was so calm, not even a reaction from my panicky state. (I think she was about 4-5 months old then).

There was also this one time (ok, maybe twice but I swear that this is it) that she actually slipped down to the side of her bathtub and her face went into the water a little. She probably swallowed some water too but she did not cry from this.

After the above oopsies, I was so glad when she can finally sit up on her own but then I still was very careful because I was still using her bathtub to bathe her. I felt a whole lot better when I stopped using her bathtub and resorted to just showers for her, while she sit on a stool. Initially, I worried that she will slip and fall when she stands up on the wet floor but now that she has mastered walking and all, she is more stable.

The recent oopsie during bathtub (and I hope final) was that the shower head fell right on her head last month. After her showers, I will place the shower head back to its position which is situated at the top, hooked to the wall. Before this oopsie, there was once when I placed it back, it 'popped' back out from its placing and I managed to catch it in time. I should have realised then that this can pose a danger to my girl but all this while, this has never happened while I showered her. And true enough, last month, after showering her, I was putting it back to its place and didn't realize it came out and fell right on top of Rye Li's head. Ever since then, I have left it hanging down.

3. Knocks

As mentioned above, I accidentally knocked Rye Li's head against the wall while carrying her. That was not the first time. There were a few knocks she had while entering the car and onto her car seat. As I said before, I do forget at times that she is not part of my body but instead, sticking out from my body. I am mostly careful while carrying her especially when I was using the baby sling when she was much younger as her head will be sticking out. But when you are rushing for things and have too many things to think of, you do forget at times.

We have also accidentally knocked into her while we are at home. Since she is so tiny, it is hard to realize that she is next to us at times and hence will tend to walk into her. So far, nothing major, just little knocks or she will just fall on her bum.

4. Falls

Rye Li has fallen a few times off our sofa but it is always on to her play mattress on the floor. She has also fallen while walking or running.

The major fall that she ever had was during our Bangkok trip where she fell off the baby cot there. That fall could have been avoided if I had some sense in me to make sure the latch go in all the way. You see, the latch couldn't go in all the way, just half way at both ends so I took it for granted that it will be alright. The baby cot's railings are those that open outwards. And I witnessed the whole fall (I was several feet away from her), how she was walking along the railing when the railing gave way and her body followed suit, flying out from the cot to the floor. I cried along with her as I felt so stupid for not ensuring her safety - I have been so careful ever since she was born till then in making sure she doesn't fall off her cot at home or from our bed as I've heard too many stories to scare me and then this happened. I still cannot forgive myself for this - Thankfully, she was not hurt from that fall.

Before this fall, I have been so paranoid about her falling off our bed that I had encountered many nightmares whereby I will wake up suddenly from my sleep thinking that she is falling off and me trying to grab on to her. I have startled hubby many times by this as I will immediately sit up from my sleep and grabbed on to whatever was around me at that time. And as always when I had these episodes, Rye Li is sleeping soundly in her cot!

Before you start thinking what a horrible mom I am, please note that all these were accidents, not intentional at all and they do not happen all the time, just once in a blue moon! And yes, I do feel remorseful after that especially when I realized that certain ones could have been avoided. Other than the fall off the baby cot and the shower head episodes, there were no more huge dramas and I sure pray that there will not be anymore. I hear it is common to see your little one go through bumps and falls that will even cause bleeding. I hope this will not happen to me...

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KittyCat said...

Hey! I was gonna do a post on 'silly things you've done as Mom' but you've beat me to it.

I have to admit, your posts gave me several heart attacks esp the bathtub and shower head parts. And I can imagine you crying with her when she fell.

I believe you are tired when they happened and very guilty about them that you're having nightmares.Poor thing!

I've had some incidents myself but do, do be careful with water. I'm haunted by the horrible scene from the "Joy Luck Club".