Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Room

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When you look really hard into the clear sky at nights when there are loads of stars to see, you will come across my name….

sorry, not very clear as the ceiling is white in colour but you can roughly make out the word

Impressed yet? Haha, this is what I see anyway at nights in my room. Papa had the itch to stick those glow-in-the-dark stars stickers several nights ago. He had been saving these for 15 years and now he has decided to put them up in my room. He allowed me to stick them first on the wall and then later, when I was asleep, he went on to finish my whole room, even on the ceiling and this is the outcome.

My room has always been there before I was born. I guess it became my dressing room as I’ve yet to sleep there, just a few day naps recently.

The first decorative peace in there would be the curtains. Ah Por (my paternal grandmother) sewed it for me.

Aren’t they nice?

Then the second decorative items in there would be the “photo gallery” Papa made in my second month.

It remained like this until I was nearly a year old when Mummy bought some letters and decorated my door with my name.

The final one (hopefully there will be more!) is the recent stickers. Mummy was really touched with Papa’s effort on this. I wonder what else will he do to my room…I hear that there are other stuff which he got that he has yet to put in there. Maybe when I’m ready to sleep in there.

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