Monday, June 25, 2007

Busy Saturday

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Last Saturday was a packed one for us as we had 3 functions to go to. It started out with the picnic Aunty Ng (my caretaker) organized for the nursery in the morning. It was held at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail’s park and most of the kids from the nursery went. Other than the mini treasure hunt activity which Mummy took part in, we were also playing at the man made beach there till I got sun burnt a little (Mummy didn’t know that there is a stream there for us to play so she wasn’t prepared to bring sun protection or my swimming gear). It was a pity that we had to run off to Tristan’s (Mummy’s friend, Aunty’s Jocelyn’s son) birthday party in the afternoon so we left early.
Jesslyn and Cecelia looking after me

Felicia and her mummy (Mummy's treasure hunt team) helping her to finish the water from the baby bottle

Felicia showing off her finished bottle
The no.1 team (actually, mummy's team finished first but since mummy drank half of the bottled water by opening the cover initially as she didn't know so her team opted for 2nd place instead)
My cot-side buddy at the nursery, Shon, whom is 3 weeks older than I am
Taking a dip in the man-made beach, down the stream
All warmed up and having fun
The elder kids playing in the water
The rest of the kids having their fair share of fun under the hot sun
Shon, also having fun, although he looked so serious
Aunty Alice (one of the caretakers at the nursery) assisting me as I blow for bubbles
Aunty Ng (the owner of the nursery and also my caretaker aka as yee-poh) and I

We were late for the birthday party so we missed out the cake-cutting session. Nonetheless, we still had our fair share of the buffet spread and I pigged out with their creamy pasta and cheese cake!

Posing with the birthday boy, Tristan

Later in the evening, we went for dinner with Grandpa and Grandma as Ah Kong, Ah Por (my paternal grandparents), Peh Deh (papa’s elder brother) and Aunty Mei (Peh Deh’s wife) were down here from Penang for the weekend. They left on Sunday morning and I will be seeing them in less than 2 weeks for Peh Deh’s wedding…yes girls, he’s no longer available! Will post on that trip for sure as I hear we stand a strong chance to finally meet up my blogger friend, Lucas. We knew each other way before we were born. ;)

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Shamira said...

Hey dear, just wondering where this park is. Loooks good. maybe can take kids there for a picnic.