Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hijacking Mummy’s pillows

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It all started when I was around 8 months old or so. You see, at that time, I refused to sleep in my cot. I will cry and when I wake up finding that I’m already in my cot, I will also make a fuss. That time, my cot was situated at the bottom foot of Mummy’s and Papa’s bed.

So Mummy decided to move my cot to her side of her bed. It sort of worked a little while till I got cranky again, insisting that I want to sleep with Mummy and Papa. Mummy doesn’t mind this but she is afraid that I will fall off the bed especially when she needs to get ready for work in the mornings or when Papa is away for work.

Then Mummy notices how I used her pillow to sleep when I’m on her bed. So she decided to lend me her pillow to sleep in my cot then and it worked. In fact, not long after that, her pillow became mine so Mummy was pillow-less for several months till she took another pillow from my room (yes, I have a room but it has been a guest room all this while).

About a month back, this new pillow of Mummy’s has also become mine! Mummy used to take it back when I’ve fallen asleep but since whenever I wake up for milk or in the mornings, I will fuss that I want it back so she has totally surrendered all her pillows to me. She is still pillow-less now and told me that she’s going to take some of my savings and buy herself a very nice pillow!

the pillow at my head is Mummy's first pillow and the one in my arm, is her second one


Vien said...

Gosh! Sounds like Belle. Whenever she sleeps with us, her little head will butt with mine and I'll end up without the pillow.

ryeli said...

vien - time for us to get more pillows eh?!