Friday, June 15, 2007


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I don’t like it when Mummy or Papa carries other people’s babies or children. I get real uptight and will start to show how upset I am. Last week, Aunty Ng’s nursery was closed for a week and I was at Ai Yee’s (Mummy’s sister) place where Kakak (Ai Yee’s domestic assistant) looked after me during the day while Mummy and Papa were at work. I didn’t mind this as Ro Wyn cher cher (my cousin sister) and Jo Tien kor kor (my cousin brother) were around to keep me company as well.

One of the evenings when Mummy came to pick me up, she hugged Jo Tien kor kor and Ro Wyn cher cher and I started protesting big time. It didn’t work and I showed my temper and tried pushing them away from Mummy. That didn’t work too and I started kicking and scratching and pushing Mummy. I got told off by Mummy for this.

Over the weekend, I got to hang around with Mummy and Papa on their bed. Mummy was hugging Papa and I got really upset about this. I was standing next to Papa’s face at that time and out of my anger, I kicked him in the face! I was reprimanded by Mummy immediately by saying that I am not allowed to kick people at all and that it is rude and I cried. She didn’t give in to my cries and put me on the floor where I cried louder. She asked me to say sorry (my sorry is by putting both my hands on my head) to Papa but I didn’t want to so she just left me on the floor to cry. After several minutes of them ignoring my cries, Mummy asked me whether I want to get back on their bed and I stopped crying and nodded “yes”. And she asked me to say sorry and I put both my hands on my head.

This is the first time where I showed my jealousy when Mummy and Papa were hugging each other. I never had a problem with them kissing or hugging each other before. Is this a sign of me growing up already?!

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Vien said... thing you know, she will be very possessive of one of you.