Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mummy's entry - milk-less?!

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Rye Li has not been drinking much milk lately – she’s on Enfa series milk formula and I’ve just changed her from Enfapro A+ to Enfagrow A+. In the last one and a half months, she was on both, I’m preparing her for the transition to Enfagrow A+ fully.

With her recent constipation issues, I’ve been told that perhaps it could be the new formula that is causing her this. I was thinking of changing to another brand or perhaps to fresh milk itself but her doctor said that all milk whether formula or fresh can cause constipation in babies. He just stressed that she needs more liquid and fiber in her food intake.

Anyhow, it seems that today, Rye Li did not touch her milk at all at the nursery. Aunty Ng after scolding her (which made Rye Li cry), drank only 3oz and refused to acknowledge Aunty Ng after that, did not even say good bye to Aunty Ng when her papa picked her up (very unusual).

And just now when I got her ready for bed, she refused to touch her milk. I tried water instead and she drank it. In fact, she drank 3 and half oz of water till she fell asleep!!!! This is the first time ever….I’ll see whether she’ll take her milk when she wakes up in the middle of the night for her feed (if she wakes up) or in the morning. If she doesn’t, I will have to go buy another brand. Am thinking of Nan series unless I hear that there are some other formulas out there that are high on fiber?!!!

On a positive side, since she has been on the lactose, her poo has been soft and thus, she has not problems poo-ing so far. Well, this is what Aunty Ng tells me. We have reduced her intake of lactose from twice to once a day. I will see how it goes this weekend.


KittyCat said...

I'm switching Lucas slowly to full-cream milk and fresh milk coz toddler formula is fortified and full of sugar.

Err...fresh milk doesn't cause constipation ler. In fact, it helps bowel movements! A cup of fresh milk is all I need to run to the loo =) Cheers!

Vien said...

I was just gonna say what kittycat has commented. Fresh milk shouldn't cause constipation. Fomula is more yit-hei too. Get some natural fiber like "stringy" fruits in her diet. What I meant by "stringy" food is pear, peach, plums, papaya. I'm sure all tods love these fruit 'cos they are juicy and sweet. :)

ryeli said...

kitty cat and vien - thanks for the ideas. yea, i was thinking the same too before what the doc said as i took fresh milk instead of the calcium pills while i was pregnant as the pills caused me to constipate.

anyway, will be starting rye li on fresh milk this weekend and see whether she likes it. she only drinks her formula when she wakes up in the middle of the night for milk. when she is fully awake, she rarely touches her milk. i've also diluted her milk and she seems to drink more like this.