Friday, April 27, 2007

Mummy's entry - communicating

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I got this inspiration to blog on this topic from ZMM when she was speechless with her eldest daughter, Zara’s speech whom by the way, speaks very well for her age (she’s only 2 and half years old). Similar to how ZMM felt when Zara can converse and respond like an adult, I’m amazed at how Rye Li is communicating fast with us too although she can’t speak as well as Zara.

Just the other day, I was giving her some biscuits and I thought I’d play along with her so I opened up her hand and shook the biscuits out of the packet on to her hand and she found this entertaining. When she finished her biscuits, she opened up her hand again. She thought I didn’t understand her and she went on to point at her hand till I did the same act again. And after that, when she has finished her biscuits again, she will keep pointing to her hand for more even though she’s full with the biscuits.


Rye Li’s papa always takes her out to the balcony to feed the fishes or just to hang out there. We didn’t realise that she’s been observing his actions till one day, when he told her that he will take her out to the balcony, she went straight to get the balcony key (which is situated within her reach) and handed the key to him. And now, when she wants to go to the balcony without us indicating, she will go take the key herself and hand it to him.

Last night, Rye Li’s papa pretended to sleep on the floor in our bedroom and when she noticed this, she went “oh oh” (her version of oi oi which means sleep in Chinese slang). So when I asked her to come out of the room to get her ready for bed, I asked her to say bye-bye to Papa and she pointed at him and instructed him to “oh oh” loudly when she noticed that he looked up at her.


She now can say “sked-sked” (scared) and will pat her hands to her chest to indicate that she is scared. The other day, Aunty Ng (her caretaker) told me that Rye Li was telling her that she’s “sked-sked” and Shon (her playmate who’s 3 weeks older than her) also indicated with his hands that he is scared. And Rye Li put her hands on his chest and said “no-no” to tell him that it is alright, you don’t have to be scared.


When we were waiting at the waiting lounge at the hospital the other day (when we saw her doctor for her constipation issues), she walked up to me and pointed at something and talked in her baby talk. She went on for a good thirty seconds as if we were discussing something. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand her and I told her that I didn’t know what she was talking about and she walked away and continued to observe her surroundings.


She has this fascination for balls and balloons and whenever she sees one, she will go “bor” very loudly. I was driving one day when all of a sudden, she went “bor” and I tried in vain to see what exactly she saw. It’s was those air balloons (promotions) in the sky that I won’t even notice. The same goes when she sat on my lap (she now wants to be involved in whatever we’re doing or eating) while I surfed the net and all of a sudden, she went “bor”. I looked all over the screen and realised that she was indicating on the tiny ball icon on the bottom right of the screen. Amazing how sharp kids can be these days!

Among other new words she has learnt so far:-

“nana” for banana (she will point to bananas and say this)

“che-che” for elder sister (chinese)

“chor-chor” for sit down (chinese)

“beh-beh” for bear

“to” for throw

“wan” for one

“sis” for six

“eit” for eight (her papa will count to her and she will respond with 1, 6 or 8)

“wok-wok” for walk

“yeh-yeh” for yea or kai yeh (her godfather) and “mama” for kai mah (her godmother)

“baybee” for baby (she will point and say this whenever she sees a baby, even babies her own age or older)

“ayo” for hello

"nmmm-nmmm" or "poo-poo" for poo

"bek" for bread


New actions:-

She will point to whatever she wants now and if you pretend to ignore her, she will come to you and pat you on your shoulder or chest so that you pay attention to her. Since she sleeps in her cot next to me, when she wakes up in the middle of the night for milk, she will shake me awake if I'm within her reach and if I'm not, she will make sure that she is being heard by screaming "merk" (milk). I'm amazed how her papa can sleep through all that!

And when she knows that you've heard her, she will lie down on her pillow and wait for her milk to be given to her. I tried ignoring her once, hoping that she will fall asleep but she got up and made noise again.


She can say sorry, not in words but in actions. Aunty Ng taught her to put both her hands on her head to say sorry. So, whenever she gets mischevious in which I will scold her or punish her in her corner (will save this for another post), I will make her say sorry.


Whenever we're reaching home, once she notices our condo from a distance, she will point to it and go "heh-heh" (her laugh). And when we arrived at our destination, she will clap her hands and go "yea-yea". One time, she was sleeping in her car seat when we arrived home and when I unbuckled her from the car seat, she woke up and did just that; clapped her hands and went "yea-yea" as if she has been brainwashed to do just that.

Kids - what are they on that makes them so smart?!!!


Vien said...

They are very's amazing how they absorb everything like a sponge.

mommy of two angels said...

wah talk very time can tell lots of stories to mommy.

zara's mama said...

*Zara shy liao with the compliments*

She's so cute huh?
And they really observe and understand what we do and say..

On and off, she'll just surprise you with some shocking new words she picks up listening to you guys. :P