Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mummy's entry - Blogger

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I've been tagged again. This time by Belle's mummy....I'm still owing Lucas' mummy one (wait ah).

1) Who is the 1st blogger you meet?

None yet unless you count your friends who also blog.

2) Who is the ‘Most Wanted to Meet’ blogger for you?

This has to be Lucas' mummy as she's the first blogger I got to know along the way when I started reading blogs. She's in Penang and although we have managed to go to Penang a few times since Rye Li's was born, we have never gotten around to meet up due to the lack of time. Hope to meet up with her when we're heading up there in July for BIL's wedding.

3) Who is the ‘I can could meet, want wanted to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger? (modified a bit)

Same answer as above.

4) Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?

Ok, I do not know that many bloggers so this would be the bloggers that I have communicated so far and they are Lucas' mummy, Zara and Zaria's mummy (ZMM), Belle's mummy and Mummy of 2 Angels.
Actually, thanks to Lilian, I came across Lucas' mummy and ZMM. And thanks to ZMM, I came across Belle's mummy and thanks to Lucas' mummy, I came across Mummy of 2 angels. So, I would also love to meet Lilian one day as she has and still is inspiring alot of moms out there in so many ways! Thanks to her also, I was determined to breastfeed Rye Li as long as I could.

5) Do you bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
Yes, all of the bloggers that I have mentioned above.
And now I will tag to those I know who have yet to be tagged by this : Lucas' mummy, Zara and Zaria's mummy and Mummy of 2 Angels! :D


Vien said...

Wah, very give face..hehe..thank you very muchie! Would love to meet you & Rye Li too when we're back in town. :D said...

Tks for the mention. I hope you are referring to me. Hahaha.

ryeli said...

vien - haha. yes, am looking forward to that day that we do meet up eh?!

5xmom - wow! i'm so touched and honoured that u're here...welcome! u actually read my blog.,.. wow! of course it is you that i've mentioned...all thanks to MMB and you, i've came a long way in blogsphere. you're definitely an inspiration to me! :D ....p.s. if i knew that you read my blog, i would have tagged you too! ;)

mommy of two angels said...

wah so kena tagged! everytime i kena tagged my mind goes blank for awhile...dunno how to respond or write...hehehe thanks ya!

ryeli said...

mommy of 2 angels - saw your update at your site...thanks!! :D