Saturday, April 21, 2007

A tip for a rainy day!

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Two weekends ago, Papa wanted to take me swimming but was so engrossed in his F1 (Formula One) on tv that he said he will take me swimming when he has finished watching it. So by the time his F1 ended, the sky was pretty dark. But Papa said that it will be a quick one so Mummy rushed to get me into my swimming suit. While I was putting my swimming suit on, there was a loud thunder. Followed by a few more after that. So Mummy said better not go swimming then and I think Papa felt bad so he suggested to use the pool he bought me some time back. And what a good idea it was!
Posing in my new swimsuit (actually, not new as papa bought this from US last year but this is my first time wearing it and will be my last too since it fits too snugly)
Papa blowing air into my wading pool while I wait patiently
as you can see, what fun I was having and best of all, the water is warm!

I had too much fun in my pool that I refused to come out after that so Mummy had to bathe me in my pool too. And after my bath, I still refused to come out so Mummy pulled out the plug from the pool (which nearly flooded her bathroom) and I was forced to come out and get dressed. I did make a huge fuss!

Anyway, would like to suggest to Mummies and Papas out there to go invest in this wading pool to keep your young ones entertained any time! And the best part is that you can have warm water and you don't have to worry about them getting cold. And it's really cheap too, we got this like less than RM6. Papa wants to go get a bigger one so he can get in with me and will finally has his own bath tub!

Below are pictures of my quality time with Papa. We have a fish pond on the balcony and also Papa loves plants so the balcony is pratically his own haven and I get the privilege of hanging out there with him in the mornings weekdays and weekends too.


Vien said...

*whistle* Who's that sexy babe? It's great that papa can spend father-daughter time with Rye Li. :)

mommy of two angels said...

ya...i think pool esp. public ones are too dirty & cold for our precious baby...the thing is as long as they are having fun...that's all it counts.

KittyCat said...

I love the plants in your balcony! Looks like a dream garden for apartment folks =)

ryeli said...

vien - thanks and yes, it's good that father and daughter can spend some quality time. if fact, i'm encouraging more so mummy can go and have her own quality time too by herself. haha.

mommy of 2 angels - i agree. our condo's pool is too cold, and so far without fail, whenever rye li swims in there, she will fall ill but that has not failed us to take her swimming coz she loves water!

kittycat - thanks! actually, the pic doesn't show you the whole pic of the balcony. i will do a separate post on it just for u...i know hubby is proud of his balcony and he wants more plants if he can.