Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mummy's entry - My little one singing

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This girl is singing a whole lot these days...maybe out of tune, but you can make up the words that she's singing and thus, you will know which song she's singing to.

Twice this week when we were out for dinner, she entertained herself by singing "twinkle, twinkle star" to herself and really loud too.

In the car, she will sing along to the songs from her Kindermusik CDs and the same at home. Hubby is asking me whether I'm sure I want to stop her classes. I'm planning to by year end when she finishes her semester. You see, this girl refuses to participate in class lately, she only does like 20-30% of the time and the other time, she will go around on her own and do her stuff and will resist me from bringing her back to participate. She knows the actions as she will do them at home but when she's in the class, she just refused to even when her teacher asks her to. Oh well, we shall see her progress by year end.

Anyway, since I've been listening to alot of "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White Ts, I didn't realize that this girl has also been listening to this song as well. Yesterday, while in the car, the radio station was playing this song and when the chorus of the song came on, this girl went "Ohh......meeee" and then "".

I was totally caught by surprised and I laughed at her and praised her that I didn't know she knows this song. She smiled...and we sang the chorus together after that. And then it hit on me that I do sing to her part of the chorus (oh, it's what you do to me) now and then and this was how she knows the song.

She's also more cooperative these days in wanting me to record her singing...but difficult to have a full recording session as she will want to see the video halfway! hah!


Wen said...

hi first time here.
how is kindermusik? i planned to enroll my girl but heard that mummy has to run around with her too??

ryeli said...

hi wen, thanks for dropping by.

the programs of kindermusik is good. i cannot say the same for the management though (which is one of the reasons why i'm thinking of stopping the classes).

anyhow, yes you will need to participate too with your child (esp if your child is still a baby). but once your child is used to the program and can partipate on her own, the parent will not need to get involve.