Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mummy's entry - reasons to move or not to move Rye Li to her room

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The following are reasons are why I should move Rye Li into her room:-

1) She is getting complacent with her cot. She even asked to go into it when she wants to sleep!
She prefers her cot than sleeping with us most of the time.

2) Her room has always been ready even before she was born. Lately, we have added some
things in there like wall decorations, little table and chairs for her to play/write/draw on.
The bulk of her toys have been moved from the living room to her room and eventually, all
of them will be moved into her room too.

3) We will be planning for No.2 soon and hence, we will need the cot.

4) Our room is not big enough to have a cot as well as another bed/mattress in there. Ideally, I
don't mind Rye Li sleeping with us but since our room is not big enough, we have to settle for
her room.

5) It would be nice to get our room back again to ourselves (although I know it will take me
some time to get use to not having Rye Li's cot and her next to me)

The following are reasons are why I should not move Rye Li to her room just yet:-

1) When I need to do things, be it in the late nights or early mornings when Rye Li is still asleep,
I have the assurance that she is safely in her cot and also that she is not able to move about if
she's awake. Unlike if she's in her room, I'm not sure what will she be up to although her
room is safe.

2) When I'm in the shower while she is asleep, I can hear her when she wakes up and usually I
will tell her that I'm in the shower, to assure her that I'm around. If she's in her room, I won't
be able to talk to her although I would be able to hear her since we have the baby monitor.

3) For "convenience" sake. For example, it has been a habit of mine to watch tv while putting
the girl to sleep since she was born. Those days, while breastfeeding her at nights, I will
entertain myself with the TV. Then when she got bigger, she too will watch along with me but
only the commercials...other times, she will just play around on the bed. This was how I kept
up with my shows (Korean/Chinese dramas, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, etc). However,
lately, there are not many good shows (and I don't have Astro) so it is only Monday nights
that I will watch tv (CSI and Criminal minds, only when hubby is around coz I also get
spooked by the gory details of these shows). I know, I know...this is a bad reason! And there is
no way will I put a TV in her room.

For the time being, my decision is that I feel I should not move her just yet for my convenience sake (not the TV reason ok but the fact that she is safely in her cot). But I am planning for this after our trip as I will need her to get use to her room especially when we will be planning for No.2 soon. Anyway, I am anticipating for either one of us or both to be sleeping in her room for a while when we start this. I pray the process of moving into her room will be a smooth one for us!


Vien said... already know what advice I would give. Again, try to move her to her room before you're preg. Otherwise, it will extremely tiring for everyone.

KittyCat said...

Good question! I'm wondering how to do this too since Lucas sleeps with me on the bed now. Later, he'll sleep on a single bed attached to ours but it's still a such a tiny step towards his own room [headache]. I'm gonna use the "big boy" motivation for that...

zara's mama said...

Reasons 1 & 2 are good enough reasons to retain her in the room.

But then, if you have no. 2 coming, you need to really plan out.

Btw, can she continue in her cot while no. 2 sleep in between you and hubby?

For the 1st 3 months, hubby slept on the floor and let Zaria and I have the bed (since Zaria is still fragile). After the 3rd month, hubby came back to the bed. So Zaria has been sleeping in between us and Zara have a own bed. I kind of like this arrangement, 1 on my left, 1 on my right, I can check on them in the night if I want to even half asleep.

twin said...

i'm also planning for my kids to sleep in the own room since denisha is starting school soon.

ryeli said...

vien - yes, will try! ;)

kittycat - if my room is big enough, i wldnt have moved her just yet too. yea, i wld do the same too ("the big girl") method when i move her into her room. hope she understands though.

zmm - we're on a queen size bed leh. if king size, perhaps. when i was pregnant, i regretted not having a king size bed at all, hard to move around when u're big! and i wld like 2nd baby get use to the cot too like rye li. when do u intend to move the girls?

twin - i always thot they are already in their own room. guess it wld be easier for u since both of them are close and also the fact that they have each other in the room. good luck!