Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nursery (Day Care) activities

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Aunty Ng (my babysitter) organises monthly activities for her nursery for both parents and kids. It was only this year that I got to join in on the events since I'm old enough to enjoy them.

The first was the picnic at the Taman Tun's Park earlier in June. Then in August, there was a kite-making session where one of the kids' parent volunteered to teach us how to make a kite at the park at Taman Tun. Initially, all of us (adults and kids) sat down listened attentively and started making our kites. Eventually, the adults took over and most of us kids were running about and playing while the adults made our kites.

see how attentive we were, even I was listening

helping Papa to make our kite

hanging out with the other kids while our parents made the kites

i got bored hanging out with the others so i asked to play at the stream instead

papa's kite flying

Two weeks back, there was a lantern festival party at the nursery and we also attended, bringing along my lanterns (I have two now). Mummy thought that I would be interested in playing with mine after my first experience but I was more interested with one of the kids' musical one. Later on, I was more interested in playing on the swing in the garden.
with one of my care takers, Aunty Alice, the lantern i'm holding is not mine, i like it coz it's a musical one
the only nice full-shot mummy managed to get that night
Jesslyn cher cher (big sister) feeding me, she loves pampering me at the nursery
the girls, Alinda, Des Ree and Jesslyn posing with the lanterns
happily being a monkey on the swing
Later, Megan Cher Cher joined me as well
And then a whole lot more of the other kids joined us...poor papa, had to be the only big kid as he had to hold on to me
When it was time to leave, I made such a huge fuss as I didn't want to leave. I cried all the way home.


Vien said...

No wonder she doesn't wanna leave the nursery everytime you pick her up. So many gorgor and jie jie to pamper her.

zara's mama said...

Wow.. actually not bad too huh for her to go to nursery.. so many friends so many aunties.