Friday, September 14, 2007

Being Bold

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I’m getting bolder and bolder these days.

Mummy just punished me in my Naughty Corner and after I was left to wail myself out for a while, I calmed down and Mummy came to me and explained why I was being naughty. Then she asked me to say sorry and after numerous attempt of her asking me to say this (I’m stubborn remember?!) I put both my hands up on my head and then said “soyyee mummy”. And then I showed her my tongue.

I guess I caught her by surprise and as I walked away, she grabbed me and put me back to the naughty corner and told me that it is rude to point my tongue out at people. She wanted me to say sorry again but I totally refused and tried walking away. She held on tight to me and asked me to say sorry but I refused again and tried to set myself free from her grasp. I couldn’t free myself so while I made a fuss, Mummy asked me to say sorry again. I had no choice but to do so again by putting my hands on my head and said “soyyee mummy”.

And then I quickly walked away from Mummy and went to Papa and I laughed at him. And then I put my tongue out again and as Mummy started scolding me again, Papa said “she’s not doing it at you la!”. But I showed her my tongue and moved my body from side to side as if I’m jeering at her and mummy said to papa “and what do you call this?!”. Papa was just smiling and I got away with that….don’t think I will be so lucky next time.


Vien said...

Oh, looks like someone is in for some smackings on the butt butt.

Zara's Mama said...

Ryeli, you must learn from Zara jiejie, when mummy put you in naughty corner, you must stand there until mummy say you can get out of it. And.. no Zara jiejie doesn't stick her tongue out.

Don't be 'yai-yai' next time ok?