Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weekend visitors

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Kong Kong and Por Por (my paternal grandparents) are in town…they missed me so much that they took the bus down from Penang just to see me. I’m more than happy with this as I get more attention than usual at home.

Before they arrived, Mummy asked me whether I want to see them and I said “em” (okay). Then Mummy said that they will oi-oi (Chinese slang: sleep) on my bed in my room (which I’ve never slept there at nights) and I replied “doh wan” (don’t want). I’m pretty selfish these days, refused to share whatever I have with anyone including Mummy and Papa.

Mummy also asked me if Por Por can carry me and I said “em” but when she asked if Kong Kong can carry me, I replied “doh wan”. So when they arrived yesterday, I allowed Por Por to carry me but when Kong Kong tried to carry me later, I totally refused to go to him.

Last night, when Mummy was changing me to my pajamas on my bed (I use my bed to change my diapers and clothes these days since I’ve outgrown my dressing table), Mummy asked if Por Por and Kong Kong can sleep on my bed and I said “doh wan”. Then Mummy asked me where are they going to sleep then and I replied “oi-oi here” while patting on my bed. In the end, I did allow them to sleep there, not that I’ve much of a choice here.

Kong Kong and Por Por talk to me in Mandarin. Papa used to till he got lazy this year. So when I was reading my book this morning in front of Por Por, I pointed at the ball in the book and told her “bor” (ball) and she went “chiew” (mandarin: ball). I corrected her “bor” and she said “chiew” again. And I replied “bor” and she kept saying “chiew” till I got irritated and said “doh wan”. She found this amusing though and told the rest what happened.

Mummy told Papa he better continue to speak to me in Chinese if not I’m going to end up exactly like her, a banana (yellow outside but white inside a.k.a totally hopeless in the Chinese language). She found it amusing that Por Por was speaking to me in English even though her English is not good.

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