Friday, September 07, 2007

Who's daddy?

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The other day I was just talking to myself with words I know and I went on with “Ma-mee (mummy) oppis (office), Papa oppis, Deh-di (daddy) oppis” and then I was interrupted by mummy. “Huh? Daddy? Girl, who’s daddy?” and I replied “papa”.

And then another time in the car with mummy, when I went through calling people I know with her and I also asked for “deh-di” and mummy replied “Daddy? Who’s daddy rye li?” and I replied “papa”.

Guess I’m so used to other kids and my caretakers at the nursery using the term “daddy” that papa has also become “daddy” at times but I’ve yet to call him that.

And since we’re talking about papa here, Mummy calls him “Ah Pek” (Hokkien: old man) or “Tauke” (Hokkien: Boss). Don’t ask me why, I also don’t understand since mummy doesn’t understand a word of Hokkien or other Chinese dialects much. And neither of these sounds romantic. Beats me really!

Anyway, just now when mummy asked papa to do something, she called out “Ah Pek” and I also followed suit and went “aa pek” and continued saying this cause I thought it sounded funny. Later on, she was asking him something and papa ignored her and she went “Lim Ah Pek” (something she does when papa ignores her) and I also went “li aa pek” and laughed.

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