Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fashion Consultant

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When Mummy goes shopping and tries out clothes, she will bring me in to the dressing room with her. I used to be very obedient and played by myself while she tried out the clothes.

However, lately, I've been giving her my opinions too!

Just over the weekend, she was trying out some pants and I didn't like them. So I kept telling her

"don yike pants" (don't like pants)

"don wan pants" (don't want pants)

"mummy, pu back pants" (put back pants)

and when Mummy asked me whether I like her pants (the one that she was already wearing from home), I answered "em, I yike" (Em, I like).

But she ignored me anyway and kept on trying the pants, several times. She even went out and get some more to try even after I protested with my "don wan" and "don yike".

Since I couldn't get the message across, I started playing with the dirt on the floor and that got her attention. Also, I think I annoyed her as I kept telling her while she was trying out the pants

"open door", "i wan go owchide" (i want to go outside), "mummy, open door, i wan go ow" (i want to go out).

She had to rush whatever she was doing and when we got out, she complaint to papa that she is not going to bring me in anymore.

As for the pants she tried, she bought them anyway. Hmmph, maybe there will be some other people who will appreciate my opinion!


Vien said... least you're not like Belle. She goes under the door opening and sometimes wanna peek under the door (of other aunties who are trying on clothes).

mommy of 2 angels said...

my one will wanna try those pants too!! or skirts! but like vien...they love peeping under the door.

KittyCat said...

Now to see you back online - was wondering where you went =) Why not post the pants and let the mummies help?

I was forbidden to wear something by Lucas recently too - beats me why. I tried my negotiation skills but he didn't budge too :P Wonder if the kids have some fashion ESP LOL