Sunday, September 30, 2007

My first hair cut!

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Finally Mummy agreed to a hair cut...all three of us went for one yesterday. She said that if I let Aunty Eng-Eng (papa's friend) cut then I will have one as well.

Initially, when we entered the salon, I was just staring. Papa cut his hair first while I warmed up to what was going on around me. Mummy kept telling me that after Papa has finished, then it will be her turn and then it will be mine. I agreed. Then it was Mummy's turn while Papa entertained me. Aunty Eng-Eng brought out the chair that I was supposed to sit on and Papa asked me to sit on the chair in between Mummy's session to allow me to get used to it.

When my turn came, I willingly sat on the chair while Aunty Eng-Eng did her work. I did move around which all of them kept asking me to look into the mirror to see how Aunty Eng-Eng cut my hair. It was all done in 5 minutes or so. I only trimmed my back so Mummy can still tie my hair except that she won't have to trouble herself to tie my fringe anymore since I cut them off.

Papa said I now look more like a "Hailam Mui!" (Hainanese girl).


Vien said...

How adorable! Esp the last pic.

zara's mama said...

Ryeli good girl... see now so pretty already.