Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ushering the year of the pig!

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As usual, Papa will get carried away when he travels overseas...he had too much of time waiting at the airport when he was on his way home from Hong Kong last month. He had to transit for 3 hours at Singapore and he went shopping.

And this is what he got me...

And he also got the same for Mummy...

What's so special about these shoes? Here's a closer look at it...

Yeah, it's a special edition to usher in the new lunar year of the boar and Papa like the idea that both Mummy and I will be wearing the same shoes. It is still kinda big for me but it should last throughout the whole year.

On my physical developments :-

I was 8.1 kg and 70cm as at end of last month. I can walk steadily now and refused to be carried when we're outside. Mummy has gotten Ah Mai (Papa's sister) to get the "strap" from US (thanks to Belle's Mummy for the tip) and apparently she gotten me the Dog strap (not literary dog strap but where the bag part of the strap is in the shape of a dog, will put this up in the blog later when we've received it) as that was the only one left in the shop. I guess with this strap, I can run around when we're outside and Mummy and Papa dont have to worry about losing sight of me.

Actions that I can do when you ask me to :-

I can clap, "Gong Xi-Gong Xi!" (Sorry, Mummy didn't manage to get this on video yet), show you my tongue, touch my head, point at my nose, touch my ears, show you my belly button, dance, put back my toys, sit down, stand up, shake my head "no", point at things that I want you to get for me, pat on my lap, peek-a-boo, stomp my feet, shake my bum.

Words that I can say :

- Mum-Mum, Mama = for food and also for Mummy

- mmmore = no more, finished, don't have

- Duck-duck = duck

- isssth = please, cheese, fish

- deh = there

- wo-wo = dog, bird, or any animals that move

- ber = bird

- pah-pah = papa

Here' s wishing to all of you Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a good one!

We're still in KL as we have to wait for Ah Mai to arrive tomorrow (1st day of CNY) and then we'll be off to Cameron Highlands from the airport (poor Ah Mai, she was stranded in New York for 2 days as there were no flights out to LA so she had to wait, she was supposed to arrive here yesterday). Ah Kong, Ah Por and Peh Deh (Papa's brother) will be up at Camerons today and will have their reunion dinner without us. As for us three, we will be joining Mummy's side for the reunion dinner which is the usual at her grandma's house. Will blog more after our trip to Camerons and Penang!

Gong Xi, Gong Xi!


Vien said...

Those shoes are fabulous! Too bad they don't have it here. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!

chooee said...

Haha good to start them young so I can spread my racun-ness to my god daughter!! More kicks coming! :)

ryeli said...

vien - thanks. hope it's not too late to wish you a belated Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family too!

chooee - aiyo, your racun-ness already passed on to her papa. gone case!