Friday, February 16, 2007


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We all had a good Valentine's...Papa surprised Mummy with him cooking dinner for her, salad, steak and 3 types of desserts too! All Mummy's favourites, strawberries, durian ice cream (NZ natural ice cream) and chocolates. I had some durian ice cream too...yum yum! Yes, I like durians, already had the real thing the week before and both Mummy and Papa were surprised that I also like the bitter ones!

Mummy felt bad that she got nothing for Papa, she's been too busy with work to even think of Valentine's! So she ended up washing up the kitchen and dishes after dinner while Papa tended to me.

But I had a Valentine's present for papa....I finally called him "Papa"!!!!


mommy of two angels said...

wat a great V day prezzie...calling papa! so sweet!

ryeli said...

mommy of two angels - thanks for visiting...nice to see you here!