Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where's Mummy?

Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker's Mummy's turn now to go missing. Papa picked me up from Aunty Ng's Friday evening and when we got home, I thought it was the usual where we will wait for Mummy to come home from work but that was not the case. Instead Ah Kong and Ah Por (paternal grandparents) were there to greet us. While we were having dinner, I heard some sounds outside of our door and I thought it was Mummy. So I kept looking at that direction hoping that Mummy will appear but she didn't.

After dinner, I followed Papa to the room and I thought that Mummy could be in the shower. Usually, Papa will let me go look for her there and I will push the toilet door open just to see Mummy there. So this time, I went there, pushed the door open and called out "mama...mum-mum...mama" (my way of calling Mummy and yes, it's Mummy that I called out to first) but Mummy was not there at all.

That night, it was Papa that got me ready for bed and he put me to sleep. I was quite well behaved and did not wake up at all in the night (I usually will wake up once in the night for milk).

Next morning, it was just Papa to greet me and when Ah Por asked me where is Mummy, I just have her my "no more/don't have/finished" hand sign.

Papa showered me (yea, it's been showers for me and no more baths for the past month at home) for the first time and he found it difficult to wash my hair. Lucky Ah Por was around to help out. He also fed me my porridge which I finished all of it.

I had my music class that day so Papa took me to class for the first time too, all by himself. He wanted me to skip the class since Mummy is not around but Mummy insisted since it's too troublesome to replace a class. We had fun.

After class, Papa took me to Shawn's Kor Kor house. We hung out there and I had fun playing with him. Then it was time to go home as Papa said Mummy is on her way home.

When we got home, I finally saw Mummy and I was all smiles after that, clinging on to Mummy for a while. It's my way of telling her "please don't go missing again ok?!"

When Mummy heard that Papa enjoyed himself looking after me, she said that he will get his chance again soon. She's extra proud of him for taking me to class for the first time and said that they should take turns taking me to class but Papa was not too keen on this.

Mummy's version

This is my first time being away from Rye Li at nights since she was born. I had to go away for a night for work and I initially had mixed feelings about this. Happy that I'm taking this first step and at the same time, worried about how Rye Li will feel and whether her Papa can handle her or not. An ex-colleague of mine told me that if I don't take this first step, it will be forever hard to let go and that we Mummies need our time-out too.

Maybe since it was only for a night that I was away, I didn't really feel bad about leaving them alone. Also, there wasn't really time to think about them as the strategy workshop we had was really intensive, all the way to 10-45pm at night and to be continued the next day at 9am till 5pm.

But having said that, I did feel it a little when her Papa sms-ed me that she was looking for me in the shower, calling out to me. But I was really mentally exhausted that night that I didn't think about it much. I was just looking forward to sleeping peacefully through the night (but this was not the case as I'm so used to getting up in the middle of the nights to feed her and also to check on her). Sigh!

I was really happy to see her (and of course her papa too) when I got back home and it was interesting to see her smiling all the time while I was carrying her. She also kept looking up at me just to make sure I'm there and kept on smiling. She refused to let me go even when I put her down to walk, clinging on to my sleeves. And this is just for one night of me being away. I wonder how she will react when I'm away for 3 nights end of the month.


Anonymous said...

We r bless tht baby really behave well. Papa was worried at first but things went well. thank u baby! And papa do enjoy the day out with u! hehe, one thing for sure we can do anything without asking mummy for permission!

ryeli said...

to rye li's papa...ooi, u're not encouraging her to do things she's not suppose to are you?!!!

and u're gonna have more father-daughter bonding times soon, don't worry. am thinking of having more time-outs in time to come. hehe.

Vien said...

The 1st step is difficult but at least you got thru it. Now, you'll have to put time aside for your ME time and a Ryeli-Daddy bonding time.

ryeli said...

vien - yea it is difficult. the next big test is when we leave rye li behind so mummy and papa can have their together-time too. am trying to do this, by leaving her at my sis since she adores my niece and nephew. wish us luck! ;)