Sunday, April 20, 2008

The concern sides of me

As much as Mummy had posted my naughty sides, I do show empathy as well towards others and lately, Mummy notices this.

When Mummy wasn't feeling well and was coughing badly, I went:

"Mummy cough-cough, Mummy cannot eat ice cream"

When Mummy was sniffling, I went:

"Mummy, why your nose stuck? Go blow your nose now"

And when Mummy was puking over the toilet bowl (she's been doing this alot lately) and so happened I was there looking, I went:

"Mummy sick, Mummy vomit"

Mummy has not been carrying me for a while now saying her back has been aching and when I want her to carry me, she will tell me this. And I will go:

"Mummy back pain-pain, Mummy cannot carry Rye Li, Papa can carry Rye Li"

I've been having a bad cough for nearly a week now and when I cough, I will go:

"I cough, I cannot eat ice cream and chocolates ya?" (but I will still ask for my sweets)

On sucking my thumb, Mummy has been telling me for months now that I'm not a baby and that I should not suck my thumb anymore and I will go:

"I big girl already, I cannot suck thumb yea?" and then I will change my mind and go "Mummy, I want to suck (my) thumb"

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